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“A curious old crone, dedicated to the ways of the Wyld... whatever the cost.”

the Devourer
Yordana mirrored
Bear Clan Bear Clan
Gold 4+1

Yordana (The Devourer) is a playable Hero and member of the Bear Clan. She is the fourth introduced member of the clan from The Rivals DLC pack.

During Yordana's own turn, any spell she casts targeting herself has a modified description ("Devour Card"), has a modified cost of 1 Magic and instead grants her one of five unique 'Pact' spells at the end of her turn. You can devour as many cards as you want, but the Pact is randomly selected from the symbol of the cards you put in. She will not receive any Pact card if she dies during her turn.

In order for Yordana to buff herself with spell cards, she must do so during other players' turns.

As of version 2.0, Yordana will no longer be placed last in the Turn Order.

In-Game Story[]

"Magic is a complicated craft. Many who try their hands at it find themselves quickly overcome by the strangeness. Dig too deep and you risk losing those same hands, or more, as the forces you play with become less stable and more volatile. Throughout history, few have mastered the craft as completely as Yordana.

Born long before the King arrived in Armello, Yordana was an outsider even amongst the esoteric Bear Clan. Her study of the Wyld, and its many forms, bordered on profane. Rather than deal with those precious fools who would hold back her progress, she isolated herself from the rest of her kind, only emerging during times of great crisis to spit wisdom and counsel to those in power. Her drive for the throne is as inscrutable as her mastery of magic. Although none can say why the clever bear want to rule, her path to the crown will be the final ingredient in a concoction of life that will change the face of Armello forever."


Hero Power[]

Cauldron Crone: Spells cast to Yordana during her turn are devoured in her cauldron for -1 Magic, granting a Pact Spell at the end of her turn.

Card Devoured Pact Received Notes
Armello dice worm Curse of Skill: Borrow 1 from other Pact member's highest stat. The target gets a -1 modifier to one of their highest stats (before temporary modifiers), with you gaining +1 in the same stat. This effect stacks.
Armello dice shield Curse of Valour: If either Pact member attacks the other, they suffer -2 Fight until end of next turn, and the Pact is broken. Only the aggressor suffers the penalty.
Armello dice moon Curse of Eye: Gain Stealth against other Pact member. Only negatively affects the target.
Armello dice wyld Curse of Fate: Perils faced by other Pact member are +1 difficulty. Only negatively affects the target.
Armello dice sun Curse of Blood: Gain +1 Health after each battle where other Pact member kills their opponent. Benefits the caster.


Bear Clan rings grant its heroes benefits while on Forest or Stone circle tiles, or additional bonuses for playing Spell cards.

Name Effect Unlock
Jade Jade +3 Magic at Dawn, if in a Forest. Unlocked by default
BearRing1 Quartz -1 Rot if you're in a Stone Circle at Dawn. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Sana
Amethyst Amethyst +1 Magic for every Spell card burned, +2 for every Rot Spell card Burned. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Brun
BearRing4 Amber In Battle, Burning Sun and Moon Cards in Battle is always a Hit, first one Explodes. Win 5 games for the Bear Clan
Aquamarine Ring Aquamarine In Battles and Perils at Night, +1 Moon. The Usurper DLC
Spinel Ring Taaffeite +1 Shield and +1 Spirit in Forests. The Rivals DLC


  • Greetings: You. You! Hello!
  • Farewell: Goodbye, little creature.
  • Oops!: Opps.
  • Bad Luck: Better luck next life.
  • Thanks: You're sweet. Too sweet.
  • Sorry: I wish I could make it all better.
  • Mercy: Stay your hand. No! No!
  • Well Played: Cheeky, cheeky!
  • Laugh: Eheheheheh.
  • Go for X: Eliminate X.
  • Truce X: Stop X. I dont want you.
  • Threaten X: You'll go well in my cauldron, X.
  • Curse: Blood! Blind! Curse it, curse it!
  • Ouch!: The flesh. It burns!
  • Go for Self: Come. Taste my magic.
  • Truce Self: You're all the same. Useless.
  • Threaten Self: Don't let another fool rule.
  • Wow: What a sight.
  • Boast: A ruler must make sacrifices. I will.



  • Her unique Pact cards can be used by other heroes if they're swapped or stolen.
  • Her name is a Hebrew word for descended from.
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