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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sword
Cost 2 Gold
Peril Rating 3
Artwork Ty Carey



Exile to nearest unoccupied Mountain, and turn ends immediately.


"Oh hey! it's you, that hero! You wanna go to the snow? Sure! You got it! Let's go! RIGHT NOW." - Your New Pals


This card is actually quite versatile, having 3 worthwhile uses:

  • You can play it as a Peril to a settlement you own. If an opponent tries to take your settlement and fails their check, they will fail to capture your settlement and lose a lot of momentum. This is especially great if the nearest Mountain is more than 3 AP away!
  • You can play it to an opponent that is on top of a settlement that you need to reach (perhaps because it has Biff's Black Market active) to remove them without a fight.
  • You can play it to yourself, either between turns or at the end of your turn, as a way to teleport yourself closer to your desired destination. Make sure the closest mountain is in the direction you want to go. (Just don't do this in the middle of your turn, as it will end your turn in this case!)
    • In partial contradiction to the card’s stated effect, if you play this card to yourself during your turn and your current quest happens to be on the mountain you get exiled to, you will be presented with the quest choice interface as normal on the same turn — allowing the next quest to be selected during the immediately following off-turn sequence. In this way it can function advantageously as a very situation-specific and short-range teleport card.


  • The skunk character was suggested by Armello community member Bec.