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Wandering Circus
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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Moon
Cost 2 Gold
Peril Rating Sword, Shield, Sun
Artwork Adam Duncan



Steal 2 cards from target's Hand.


"Some old guy volunteered and they made him disappear. Forever! Great show! Ten out of ten!" - Circusgoer


When considering whether to use this card, in addition to its cost of 2 Gold, beware that stealing 2 cards from an opponent isn't always a good thing. Cards they don't want to use, like Poisoned Dagger, may be stuck in their hand, and you may end up stealing those cards and gotten yourself saddled with cards you don't want, while doing your "victim" a huge favor. As a result, it's rarely worth playing this card blindly on an opponent.

To use this card well, you need to watch your opponents' burn choices in combat and Perils closely, to see if they're holding on to any cards like Hot Rot Wine or Strategist, then play this at the right moment to potentially get those cards, and disrupt your opponent's plans severely. It's also great at disrupting opponents that you suspect may be preparing to breach the Palace by clearing its Perils with a well-groomed hand, as this will break that hand up.

If you encounter this as a Peril, it's great if you're looking to discard your entire hand, but if there are cards you care about, you have a dilemma - do you burn unwanted cards to try to pass the peril? If you do and still fail, Wandering Circus is more likely to take your most valuable cards that it otherwise was.