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Wall of Thorns
To Be Added
Spell Card Spell Card
Symbol Shield
Cost 3 Magic
Peril Rating 0
Artwork Melissa King



No movement to or from tile until Dawn.


"A whole village of 'em, trapped! Thorns as high as the clouds." - Stuffer Greaves


The requirement that this be played to an empty tile would at first appear to contradict the stated action of “movement from a tile” — but as one example this could be applied to a Dungeon which is about to spawn a Bane.

  • If the spawned Bane insists on escaping its thorny prison due to being scared away by an adjacent Spirit Walker, it will be Routed.

If a dungeon that a Hero would have been sent to by Banish is blocked off by Wall of Thorns, they will be redirected to the next farthest Dungeon instead.

Like all cards that must be played to empty tiles this can be used to informally confirm (but not reveal) a stealthed Hero’s presence on the tile in question, since the attempted card play will be cancelled and the Hero briefly displayed to the player.