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Vile Official
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Shield
Cost 1 Gold
Peril Rating Rot, Moon, Sun
Artwork Ty Carey

Vile Official is a Trickery Card. It is drawn from the Trickery Deck and may be played on a Settlement tile or an opposing Hero. When burned in combat, it produces a Shield die.



-1 Gold per Claimed Settlement (Clan Grounds included).


"A coin for you, a coin for me. A coin for you, two coins for me!" - Lord Haggal


Vile Official is cheap enough to play simply to clear handspace, and can hurt its victim more than it hurts you depending on how many Settlements they have, or serve as a Peril to intimidate those who would take your Settlement.

It tends to not hurt your opponents very much in the grand scheme of things, however; either they don't have many settlements or they're making enough money to not care too much. Plus, Vile Official burns for a Shield, which is quite useful. So Vile Official is worth burning more often than not.