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“The time has come Hero. If you don't slay the King now, all Armello will be lost.”

A Quest-Giver

Heroes can claim the throne in their clan's name in several ways. The first player to satisfy any of the following conditions is declared the victor, ending the game.

Kingslayer Victory[]

Directly challenging the King, killing him, and surviving the battle will grant you the victory. However, if both you and the King perish, then the victory will go to the Prestige Leader. Be careful, as attacking the King will strip you of almost all Prestige!

Prestige Victory[]

There are two ways to achieve a Prestige victory. The first is to simply be the Prestige Leader when the king finally dies from the Rot. The second is to be the Prestige Leader when another player slays the King, but also dies in the process.

Spirit Stone Victory[]

If you manage to collect 4 Spirit Stones, you may banish the King without initiating a battle.

Countering a Spirit Stone Victory[]

If you want to prevent a player from achieving a Spirit Stone victory, the easiest way is to deny them access to the palace, by either killing them or displacing them with cards like Banish. Another way is to corrupt the hero using Rot cards such as Plague. Once corrupted, the player's 4 Spirit Stones will be used to cleanse them, causing them to die and lose all Rot.

Surviving a Spirit Stone Victory[]

See Spirit Stone.

Rot Victory[]

In order to achieve Rot victory, your Rot must be higher than the King's, and you must slay him in battle while it is so. If you kill the King and die, then the Prestige Leader will be granted victory.


  • While not an official type of victory, the usage of a Hot Rot Wine for any of the proceeding situations has been coined a Hot Rot Victory (or informally, a Hot Rot Win) by the fans and accepted by even the developers. For this to be so, a Hot Rot Wine must be in your possession after infiltrating the Palace, and then used on yourself to attack, banish, or otherwise put an end to the King.
  • Also an unofficial victory type: When attacking the King with the Poppet equipped, and both sides survive, the Poppet can take the last of the King's health. This with cause a self-explanatory "Poppet Victory" to occur. This, however, is the same as a Kingslayer Victory in the opponent's favor, so the "Poppet Victory" is not actually recognized.
  • A common misconception in the explanation of Armello is that killing the King will grant you victory. This is not entirely true, however, because a player can still kill the King in battle and die (causing the Prestige leader to triumph instead). The King can also die from his illness, once again granting the Prestige leader an indirect victory, without the King ever having to be confronted at all.
  • While difficult to accomplish, it is possible to defeat the King in a Kingslayer Victory and remain Prestige leader, but your opponents usually must all have very low prestige for this to be possible.
    • However, if you are playing as River, sniping the King with her arrows will not cause her to suffer any Prestige. This allows for an easy Kingslayer + Prestige Leader win.
  • If you kill the King in battle, and the Bane Blade zaps the last of your health, you still declare a Kingslayer Victory (as it was the item that killed you, not the King).


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