“Light as a feather, fast as a fox. I tell ya, ain't nuffin' dat squirrel can't lift.”


The Little Lightpaw
Bandit Clan Bandit Clan
Nocturnal (Night)
Gold 2

Twiss (The Little Lightpaw) is a playable Hero and member of the Bandit Clan. One of the four Bandit characters first introduced during the Armello Kickstarter campaign, this Hero is available as a timed exclusive to those who pledged the requisite amount during that period. At the time of the tablet release, the Bandit Clan characters (and other Kickstarter goodies) will be opened to the public as DLC in the Spring of 2017.


Twiss is a small, tan female squirrel with a large bushy tail who wears a matching black cloak and mask that conceals part of her face. In addition to being deceptively cute, the tiny cutpurse wields a large dagger with a hilt designed to look like an acorn shell. As a member of the Bandit Clan, Twiss is unaffiliated with any other species-related group, nor a member of any particular society save partners in crime.


Twiss’ life began in the slums of the royal capital, a world where day-to-day survival relied on swift paws, wits and stubborn endurance. At first, stealing was simply survival. Soon though, the thrill of the score struck a chord in this little street urchin’s heart. That love rapidly blossomed into a talent never before seen in the Kingdom’s capital. There wasn’t a thing Little Lightpaw (as she fast became known) couldn’t lift, a lock she couldn’t pick, a case she couldn’t burgle. She was legend. In fact, the only reason people knew Twiss existed was because of her calling card… the acorn. A single acorn, left in place of anything she swiped.

It wasn’t long before the little juvenile’s talents were scouted by the thieves’ guild and Twiss was soon amongst the their top ranks, her name uttered by thieves, kingdom wide. That is until the day of the purge. In one of the first signs of his slipping madness, the King, paranoid of the guild’s growing influence, ordered all thieves wiped from the capital. Following his orders to the word, the King's Guard moved through the city putting anyone deemed destitute or unscrupulous to the sword. His attack on the Guild was absolute. Twiss barely escaped with her life, seeking refuge amongst a new family; the Bandit Clan.

Her memory of the purge fuels a fire of vengeance, deep within this little soul. A raging fire that some say will see this little squirrel rise from petty thief to Queen of Armello herself. But who would ever put credence to such scandalous hearsay?



Hero AbilityEdit


Twiss's unique Hero Power is Pickpocket: She gains the evade ability everywhere except the Palace. Upon escape, she steals one random card from her opponent's hand. Her Hero Ability is extremely useful for her Stat set, since her fight is extremely low and wits unusually high. This allows her to "play it safe", and gain some new cards while she's at it.


Bandit Clan rings grant its heroes benefits from all four clans. Heroes are given a bonus on Mountains from the Wolf Clan, card Burning benefits from the Bear Clan, complimentary gold from the Rabbit Clan, and Settlement Stealth from the Rat Clan.

Name Effect Unlock
Black Opal Black Opal Gain Stealth in Settlements, Day and Night. Default
Pink Topaz Pink Topaz Increase all your Settlement income by +1 Gold every Dawn. After 2 games
Celestie Celestite Ignore Mountain movement penalty. After 5 games
Amethyst Amethyst Gain +1 Magic for every Spell card burned. After 10 games
BanditRing1 Unknown Unknown Never Implemented


  • Greetings: Hey there.
  • Farewell: Cheerio!
  • Oops!: Oh oh.
  • Bad Luck: That's rotten luck.
  • Thanks: Why thank you.
  • Sorry: I'm sorry. Really. I am
  • Mercy: I'm not threat. Just stay away.
  • Well Played: Bloody good!
  • Laugh: Teehee!
  • Go for X: Target X
  • Truce X: X! I reckon we could do some damage!
  • Threaten X: You won't see me X
  • Curse: Well that was awful
  • Ouch!: Ouf! That hurt!
  • Go for Self: You'll never catch me. Try.
  • Truce Self: I work alone. But I am hiring fall guys!
  • Threaten Self: Enough blood. It's up to me to end it.
  • Wow: Oh golly...
  • Boast: Queen Twiss. It's got a nice ring to it


  • Like Horace, Scarlet, and Sylas, Twiss is currently only available to players who pledged at least $55 AUD ($45 for limited early-birds), aka "Bandit" tier, during the Armello Kickstarter campaign between April and May 2014.
  • Before her name was officially revealed, Twiss was known by the tentative name Squirrel Thief.


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