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“Oh, hello, who are you? Think I'll follow you around for a while.”

The Stranger
The Stranger
To Be Added
Follower Card
Symbol Moon
Cost 0
Peril Rating -
Artwork Arden Beckwith

The Stranger is a Follower Card. During a Twitch stream, LoG confirmed that the card depicting a hairless cat to be The Stranger. The card symbol is a Moon, however, this card never appears in the Hero's hand and cannot be burned in Combat or Perils.



Clingy, Fickle and Misleading.


Me? No... I'm okay. Never mind me.



Unlike other Follower Cards, which can usually be obtained by simple quests or other means, The Stranger is exclusive to specific Dungeons. The Stranger cannot be found when the Follower symbol is flipped, but rather has its own unique symbol. Dungeons will only ever have one Stranger symbol, making the odds of acquiring this card highly unlikely.

The only other ways to recruit The Stranger are to end your turn beside a Hero who already has it, they end their turn beside you, or Bribe him off them. In the former two cases, The Stranger will exclaim "Ooh, who is this?!" and use a Dungeon-style flip to determine whether he equips to that Hero's shelf or remain as he is.


The Stranger does not act like other cards in the Armello universe, and its behavior is very unique. When rolled in a Dungeon or obtained from another Hero, The Stranger will worm its way into the Hero's shelf. It is automatically recruited when acquired, and the Hero is not given any other option but to accept its presence. (If all Follower slots are taken, The Stranger will "kill" one of them and take its spot.) Before that Hero's every turn, The Stranger will force them onto another tile, marked in the Queue as "Hero has been led astray by The Stranger", while The Stranger himself has a small snippet of dialogue. This does not consume AP, (and therefore will not trigger health loss by Poison,) and the Hero is still left with their normal three moves. The only exception to this rule is when the Hero is on their Quest tile, in which case the Quest will play out first. Card Drawings will also be preformed beforehand.

This can be very annoying (particularly for Corrupted Heroes who could be led straight into a Stone Circle), but if The Stranger's power is utilized properly, it can be very effective. In fact, it can be game-changing. The Stranger can set you back at times, but it can also bring you ever closer to your goals, one step at a time. A major pro about this power allows respawned Heroes a free move out of their Clan Grounds.

If you do unexpectedly stumble upon this rule-breaking follower, it's a good idea to stock up on Malice Rising (more appropriate for Rot-goers) or Wall of Thorns cards to avoid landing in bad places. Blocking off certain paths with banes and/or thorn walls can also be a big advantage, as it can cause The Stranger to get you closer to your Quests or other desired places. (This, however, is only a possibility, unless the tile you want is the only one available. There is still a chance the plan can backfire.)

This card can only be removed from your shelf if you enter The Palace (in which The King will force it to leave), The Stranger jumps to an adjacent Hero, (before Armello 2.0) it is Beheaded, or another Hero plays a Bribery to you. The Stranger will always be the Follower that Bribery picks first, so having The Stranger in your shelf can be useful to prevent other Followers you have from being stolen by Bribery.


Very much unlike any other card in Armello yet, The Stranger does have communications and a personality! This was not available before the Fourth Hotfix of Version 1.2,[1] but now The Stranger has several snippets of dialogue presented similarly to the Followers in the Prologue. The Stranger's face artwork from the card appears in a large circle, and a speech bubble with worn-looking edges appears to the right of it.

His dialogue includes the following:

  • "Oh, hello, who are you? Think I'll follow you around for a while." — When obtained.
  • "Is this the way? I think this is the way." — When leading the Hero astray.
  • "This way, Hero! Oh sorry, that's right. You're the boss. My mistake." — When leading the Hero astray.
  • "Over here there's a great little-- oh... no, sorry. Got a lil' confused." — When leading the Hero astray.
  • "Look, you're great, but a cat's gotta go where the gold is." — Upon being "stolen" by a Bribery card.
  • That’s no way to treat an old friend!” - Upon entering the king’s castle with the stranger equipped, and the king’s dialogue of, “Begone, foul creature!”

The Stranger's dialogue seems to point to him being either dangerously bewildered and flighty or cleverly acting foolish to his own benefit. League of Geeks said during a Twitch Stream that The Stranger likes to have new adventures with different Heroes, explaining his peculiar switching behavior.

Random encounter, "Cathartic bonding..."[]

There is chance of "Cathartic bonding...", a random encounter to occur upon entering a Plains tile after recruiting The Stranger.

The Stranger lurks curiously in your shadow. Yes, yes. It was here that the King first stood in Armello.

Of the three options available ("Where did the King come from?", "What do you want?", and "Enough from you, creature! Leave me be."), the first and second option provides the Hero with extra cards while the third discards The Stranger from the party.

"Where did the King come from?" provides the Hero with a Teleport spell card.

The Stranger looks narrow on the distant palace, then leans in closer. It passes a single card from the folds of its tattered cloak.

"What do you want" provides the Hero with two random cards.

A curious grin stretches across The Stranger's face as it reveals a bound pouch and gestures it forth, "Well friend, I want what you want. I am simply here to help."

"Enough from you, creature! Leave me be." kicks The Stranger out from your party list of recruited followers.

The Stranger's composure oscillates from untamed frustration to pleasant façade and back again, before submitting. The Stranger turns and scurries out of sight.


  • The Stranger was released in Version 1.2 of Armello (Which was also called "The Stranger") along with four other cards: Armistice, Tower Shield, Bubble Tea and Rotten Fog. (However, The Stranger is the only one of these five cards that acts in the manner it does.)
  • The Stranger is the only card in the Armello universe that exhibits this behavior.
  • The Stranger is the only Follower Card in the Armello universe that recruits unconditionally.
  • The Stranger is one of ten cards that cannot be drawn from the three decks or won in regular Quests, the other nine being: Wyldhide, Crown of Armello, Pride's Edge, The Unseen Death, Mother's Maze, Fool's Fountain, The Tricking Paths, Moon Scythe, and Raven's Beak Dagger.
  • Although it briefly appears with equipped items and followers on the Combat screen when recruited, The Stranger does not affect battles in any way.
  • If the Hero is completely surrounded by NPCs, Heroes, Wall of Thorns or the Palace, The Stranger will not force them to move.
  • The Stranger was originally able to transfer to other Heroes via combat, but as of the Fourth Version 1.2 hotfix, its behavior has been adjusted to what it is now.
  • The Stranger's brief interaction with the King indicates a backstory between the two characters. When the King insults The Stranger and orders him to "begone", The Stranger says simply: "What?! That's no way to greet an old friend!" before disappearing.
  • The flavor text for Pride's Edge is a benediction attributed to "~The Stranger, Our Saviour", although there is no hint how The Stranger earned this epithet.
  • The flavor text for The Stranger has The Stranger avoiding being confronted by the hero in a way it might seem, by saying, “Me? No… I’m okay. Never mind me. ~The Stranger”



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