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“There in the cold, a blade of finest steel. And at its hilt a wolf of silver and grey whose eyes raged with golden fire.”

The Winter Wolf
Wolf Clan Wolf Clan
Nocturnal (Night)
Gold 4

Thane (The Winter Wolf) is a playable Hero and member of the Wolf Clan. He was one of the four original characters of Armello, and is available to all players without DLC. A young swordsman and potential heir to clan leadership, he embarks on a quest to grow into the warrior he is meant to be.


Thane is a grey wolf clad in dark blue armor emblazoned with a stylized star on his chest plate. He carries a longsword inscribed with runes, his skill with which earned him near-legendary status among his clan. While his considerable fighting abilities were originally used only for sport, his outlook on life turned serious after the death of his father and exile of his brother. Now heir to leadership of the Wolf Clan, he travels the land, honing his talents to one day become the wolf he knows he should be.[1]

He is the main character of the Armello novella/audio book The Winter Wolf.[2]


Thane is a name that many who border the clan’s mountainous region know well. From a young pup, tournaments, duels and challenges have fallen in his favour and gained him fame and celebrity status within the clan. This wolf’s skills with a longsword fast became legend, but alas, Thane’s carefree antics drew ire from his father; a weathered, iron wolf of wars passed and adventures trodden, who saw only his son’s inability to lead the clan.

Now with his father slain and his brother in exile, that day has come and this renowned sword is still a pup, not yet a wolf.

— League of Geeks [3]

In-Game Story[]

"Thane Greymane is a Wolf Clan legend. He is the prince of the ruling Greymane clan, a revered Swordmaster, and the wielder of the mythical Hakonsblade. The young wolf's talent and pedigree are undeniable, even to his enemies.

Thane takes to his reputation with gusto, and a healthy dose of overconfidence. He will do anything to prove his worth to the Wolf Clan. As such, he will stand fast, blade in hand, against any threat to that dream.

Behind Thane's bluster hides a sheltered child of royalty. His lot in life was always as a trophy warrior for the royal line, while his father, shouldered the burden of clan leadership.

This comfortable life was torn away from Thane when his father was killed and All of a sudden, the hopes and dreams of a thousand souls spun towards Thane for guidance. It was a burden which the young cub's shoulders were perhaps not yet ready to bear.

Now, Thane strikes out into Armello. Tragedy has forced a dangerous duty upon him. With blade in hand, he howls a challenge out to all those that oppose him. Blademaster, tactician, spiritual adept, or steadfast loyalist, no matter what you may think of the Winter Wolf, he is here, and his effect on the Kingdom will be undeniable."


Thane has a very high Fight stat, while all his other attributes remain average. As a nocturnal Hero, he is strongest during the night, and weaker at day.

Hero Ability[]

Thane's special Hero Ability is Sword Master: Sword cards Burned in battle Pierce opponent's defenses. This power behaves similarly to the cards Longbow and Hand Cannons, except with Burned Swords instead of Moons / Suns respectively, and no limit to the number of Swords that can be burned. This ability makes Thane deadly when he has Sword Cards to burn during Combat.


Thane's ring selection primarily centers around improving his strength during the night or while on mountain tiles.

Wolf Clan rings grant its heroes benefits on Mountain tiles, or additional Magic or Gold after kills.

Name Effect Unlock
Sapphire Sapphire Gain Stealth on Mountains, Day and Night. Default
Moonstone Moonstone Gain +2 Magic for every Kill in Battle. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Thane
Onyx Onyx Gain +2 Gold for every Kill in Battle. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with River
Celestite Celestite Ignore Mountain movement penalty. Win 5 games for the Wolf Clan
Rubellite Rubellite +3 Fight while you have 3 or less Health. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Magna (Usurpers DLC)
Chrysocolla Chrysocolla Grants Scout on, and +1 Sword in combat against Heroes with 3 Health or less. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Fang (Rivals DLC)


While Thane's high fight makes him powerful in battle, his distinct lack of Wits render his Hero Ability nearly useless, and his count of 3 Spirit prevents him from playing many Magic Cards at time under normal circumstances. Although it is tempting to go for Fight Quests for a higher chance at claiming rewards, it's usually a good idea to pick Wit, Spirit, or even Body challenges to boost his lower stats and make him more powerful in other aspects of the game. (Also, if you really, really want that Lionheart Breastplate on a 30% chance, search the Magic Deck for some buffs.)

Besides his advantage in combat, Thane's evened-out set of stats allow plenty of options for types of Victories. Whilst Kingslayer Victories are popular and common amongst the Armello Fans for this sword of a wolf, Spirit Stone Victories, Rot Victories, and Prestige Victories aren't out of the ordinary either, and are very possible.

Surrounding the palace with Trickery Perils, playing Cursed Lands on the Palace, and generally hindering other heroes with his massive fight makes for a lovely Prestige Victory (this works for most characters). Spirit Stone Victories will take a bit more legwork and dedication, searching the board for crystallized Spirit Stones and hoping the Quests will have mercy before ultimately banishing the King. Rot Victories will take time as well, but equipping the Spoil amulet will help in the long run.


  • Greetings: Greetings.
  • Farewell: Goodbye! Stay strong.
  • Oops!: Oh. That was... oh.
  • Bad Luck: A shame.
  • Thanks:Thank you.
  • Sorry: Sorry, friend.
  • Mercy: Keep back.
  • Well Played: Hah! Good job.
  • Laugh: Hahaha!
  • Go for X: We must target X.
  • Truce X: X! Let's form a truce.
  • Threaten X: I will hunt you down X.
  • Curse: No! Curse it.
  • Ouch!: Ow! Dammit!
  • Go for Self: I am the Winter Wolf! Come! None will beat me!
  • Truce Self: I am Thane! I need no aid!
  • Treathen Self: I'll never yield! I'll die first!
  • Wow: That was impressive.
  • Boast: I'm a prince. Of course I should be King!


  • Thane was the first hero publicly announced to have a Hero Skin.
  • Thane's exiled brother is Fang
  • his name is an Old English word for clan chieftain


See Also[]


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