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Stone Wards
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Shield
Cost 3 Gold
Peril Rating 0
Artwork Adam Duncan



Installs Stone Wards, protecting the Settlement until Terrorised.


"I know not the strange magicks these ancient stones possess, but we're safer for their presence." - Steward Bakker


This card is quite expensive at 3 Gold, so unless you're getting a landowner discount or awash in cash, it's not usually worth playing - it takes at least 6 turns, under most optimistic assumptions, to pay its Gold back. It would need to keep a Settlement under your control for 3 Dawns, which is generally not realistic. (If it gets you a landowner discount to keep the settlement, it can pay for itself sooner.)

It protects a settlement against Banes, who will simply not move onto the affected Settlement (unless forced to, in which case they will likely die). It can also be used as a weapon against Corrupted rivals, making them take heavy damage if they want to move onto the tile, and can be used to kill them if they happen to be standing on a settlement.

As an additional unique bonus, you can play it on a peaceful Settlement that a corrupted hero is currently occupying on his or her turn, killing the hero in the process and ending that hero's turn instantly. You do not get the prestige for it, however.