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Armello stealth

Mercurio stealthing through forests under cover of darkness

Stealth is a gameplay element of Armello in which a Hero becomes invisible to opponents under certain circumstances. (The player knows Stealth has been activated by their Hero becoming translucent in their view.) Additionally, while under the influence of Stealth, a Hero gains the advantage of Ambushing.

While King's Guards and Banes cannot be Ambushed, as they do not burn dice, they are still affected by Stealth. If they are hostile to a Hero with Stealth, they will not take that Hero's position into account when deciding what to do. (If they would move onto a Stealthed player they are hostile towards for some other reason, they will attack, however.)

Inherently, all characters have the possibility to gain Stealth by entering forest tiles during the night cycle of a round.

Other options also exist to increase situations in which a Hero can gain Stealth, such as playing Disguise.