Armello Wiki

There are eight in-game hero Stats/Resources to keep track of: Fight, Health (Body), Wits, Spirit, Gold, Magic, Prestige and Rot, in order left to right on the map GUI.

  • Fight determines how many dice are thrown by default for the hero or NPC in combat. The actual number of dice rolled can be influenced by items, the day/night cycle, terrain, rings/amulets or by other factors.
  • Body (current/max) determines how many health the hero or NPC can lose before being slain.
  • Wits determines the maximum number of cards in your hand and how many dice are rolled in Trickery perils. At the beginning of each turn, you will refill your hand up to this maximum. It is possible to top this number by exploring dungeons, but you will be unable to refill your hand until the number of cards in your hand is lower than your Wits stat.
  • Spirit determines your Magic pool. Your Magic pool is restored at dusk to this number depending on the hero you are playing. Spirit also determines how many dice are available in Spirit perils.
  • Gold is a resource that allows you to equip/use items, relics and trickeries, recruit followers etc. Each hero has a set starting amount of gold, and heroes typically earn gold by exploring and holding settlements. Certain cards and rings will also bestow gold to heroes.
  • Magic is a resource that is used to cast spells. Magic can be boosted above your Spirit stat by exploring and by using certain cards, but any extra Magic will be lost if not used by the time it is set to be restored (depending on your hero, as above).
  • Prestige determines your political influence and clout. The King will interact with you differently depending on how high this stat is. You gain Prestige by slaying other heroes or Banes, liberating settlements, completing quests, through cards/items/rings/amulets etc. There are a few cards that cost Prestige to be played, such as Crime Lord and False Orders. If no other player has slain or banished the King by the time he passes because of the Rot, the hero with the highest Prestige stat will declare a peaceful political victory.
  • Rot is a stat that determines the level of a hero's descent into madness as a result of contracting the Rot disease. Rot can be gained by equipping the Spoil amulet, playing specific cards (such as Poisoned Gift), or by being slain by Banes. After a hero is corrupted by the Rot, they gain unholy powers, such as gaining +1 health after every kill in battle.