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Follower Card
Symbol shield
Cost 0
Peril Rating 0
Artwork Jerome Jacinto and Adam Duncan

The Squire is a Follower Card. Normally featuring a rodent critter of some kind, this card has an alternate, Kickstarter tier-exclusive[1] image of the character called Guppy.

The function of this card is a one-time death-escape. That is, the follower will die in the Hero's place in the event of the player character receiving a "killing blow" in battle. The Squire must be equipped into the Hero inventory before taking effect.

Card text[]


The next time you are killed in Battle, the Squire dies instead.


"You're so great. I'd die for you--What? Err... no, I said... Hey mate, look at the size of you!." - Pika Potts

"Umm, I don't know about this. I mean, are you sure it's safe? Let's just go back, yeah?" - Guppy



  1. League of Geeks (May 4, 2014) WE'RE FUNDED! Guppy is Saved | New Hero Revealed | PayPal Coming. Kickstarter.