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Spirit Stone Noback

“And to those that gather the stones almighty, shall come the ultimate power. Wyld and Purity.”

The Brilliant Fool

Spirit Stones are mysterious chunks of ore that channel the power of the Wyld. Sana of the Bear Clan uses a spirit stone as a magical focus on her staff.

Spirit Stone Victory[]

To achieve a Spirit Stone victory, the player must collect 4 Spirit Stone through any means, enter the palace (either by beating a peril, using a space with no peril, or getting in via your last quest 'enter the palace') and simply click on the king on your next turn. There will be no battle and you will win the game. However, you will still get a bounty upon breaching the palace grounds, and your rivals will do all they can to kill or displace you while you wait for your next turn. This is a good strategy if the Spirit Stones line up for you, especially if you aren't strong in combat. However, depending on your luck, you should usually have a backup plan if you aren't as lucky.


Once you have collected 4 Spirit Stones, survival is the key. The blessing of that many Spirit Stones comes at a price - you will be under constant watch by the other players, who will stop at nothing to keep you away from the palace. Allowing a Spirit Walker to enter the palace unchecked could very well mean the end of the game, so the opposition will stock up on Spell Cards to hinder you whilst making their own way into the palace.

Buffs are very important at this time of the game. The Body buff Bark Skin will give extra points of Body, allowing more health to spare when hit with spells. Haste isimportant as well, since players may also try bringing a Hidden Trap, Wall of Thorns or Tanglevine upon you.

Once you breach the palace, Action Points will not matter as much as before, though a Hot Rot Wine or a Strategist can win the game instantly for you if you get into the palace with them. Otherwise, defensive items like Heavy Plate Armour are very helpful. As there is no battle against the King, you don't have to equip offensive items.

Another thing to note is that being a Spirit Walker makes it impossible to gain Rot, and any time you would gain a point you instead take one point of damage. That allows usage of certain powerful Rot cards, such as Leech, to be used without the usual long-term consequences. Banes will fear you, and can themselves be cleansed and killed instantly by spending one AP.

Finding Spirit Stones[]

Spirit Stones are acquired in the following various ways:

- A single Spirit Stone will appear on a random Stone Circle during night turns. The first Hero to arrive at the Stone Circle claims it for the rest of the game. (Note: There is only ever one naturally-spawned Spirit Stone on the board at a time, and it must be claimed in order for another one to crystallize.)

- Quest rewards. On the quest select screen, you will usually be offered a quest with a Spirit Stone reward, where you will be given the option to take a risk to get a Spirit Stone as well as your other rewards.

- There is a fairly rare Spell Card (Crystallize) that will allow you to summon a Spirit Stone for 6 Magic.

- Random Events. The rare Random Event "The Ancients" (encountered very rarely on Stone Circles at night) will present the Hero with three choices, one of which will award them a Spirit Stone. Another random event called "Whiteshadow's Gift" will also give three options; the choice "Knowledge" will award a Spirit Stone, and the Hero will also gain 1 point of Rot.