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Shining Steel Sword
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Item Card Item Card
Symbol Sword
Cost 2 Gold
Peril Rating 0
Artwork Simon Boxer

Shining Steel Sword is an Item Card. It is drawn from the Item Deck and must be equipped to take effect. When burned in combat or perils, it always produces a Sword die.



In Battle, +1 Sword.


Gold spends, friends leave and booze runs out, but a well made blade is a companion for life.



The Shining Steel Sword acts like most other Item Cards, commonly found in the Items Deck and occasionally swiped from other Heroes' hands via Glamour or their shelves with Cat Burglar.

Behavior & Strategy[]


Simply put, the Shining Steel Sword has no behavior that is out of the ordinary. Like all Item Cards, this card must be equipped to take effect and can only serve to be burned in combat (unless ambushed) or perils if in the Hero's hand.

While not incredibly useful to well-armed Heroes later in the game or very special compared to Items like the Bastard Sword or War Hammer, the Shining Steel Sword (like the Trusty Shield) is an excellent starter-weapon until something more suitable is found.

However, heroes with two or more Shining Steel Swords and a high fight count to make up for lost shelf slots can be very powerful. With an automatic two swords, no dice penalty and (if the third spot is not filled with another Shining Steel Sword) hopefully a Shield or Combative Treasure, attempting to battle such a Hero could lead to a frustrating death.

For example, in the picture to the right we can see that this Hero wields two Shining Steel Swords and a Lionheart Breastplate, giving them free attack and defense in battle without relying on their dice. (Although the Lionheart Breastplate might be a bit hard to find, Battle Armour works just as well, even if it does include a -1 die penalty.)


  • Shining Steel Sword is numbered "001" in the Card Gallery.
  • Shining Steel Sword is one of the more underrated cards in the Armello universe.
  • Being a Common Item Card, Shining Steel Sword can be encountered several times in one game, and has an increased chance of being found when drawing from the Item Deck.


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