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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sword
Cost 3 Gold
Peril Rating Shield, Shield, Moon
Artwork Adam Duncan



-1 Health. If target has Bounty, -1 extra Health per Bounty level.


"Relax, that stoat can bullseye a swamp rat from a thousand yards out." - Viscount Vilgaris


This deals 1 damage to targets without a Bounty, 2 damage to those with Wanted status (level 1 bounty), 3 damage to those with Fugitive status, and 4 damage to those with Traitor status.


Sharpshooter is a valuable card - it can turn a profit (plus a lot of Prestige) if it kills a hero with a level 2 or higher bounty, and it is powerful against them as well. It is also one of only 2 Trickery Cards that can hit heroes in the Palace for damage, and since they will almost always have a Bounty, Sharpshooter will be effective against them.

As a result, for tricksters, this card is worth holding on to, waiting for the perfect moment to use it. For others, the cost of the card could be an issue, but especially for heroes with low Spirit, there are few other options available for damaging characters halfway across the map, so it may be worth holding for them too.