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“A natural leader. Charm, wit, and merciless determination.”

The Bandit King
Web Scarlet
Bandit Clan Bandit Clan
Diurnal (Day)
Gold 6

Scarlet (The Bandit King) is a playable Hero and member of the Bandit Clan. She is one of the four Bandit characters first introduced during the Armello Kickstarter campaign. The Bandit Clan characters (and other Kickstarter goodies) were subsequently opened to the public as DLC in the Spring of 2017.


Scarlet is a wily-looking red fox sporting a black and white low cut romani-style dress with a gold necklace and bracelets. She carries a cutlass with accompanying leather scabbard strapped to her side, always at the ready to aid in all her pillaging and plundering activities. As a member of the Bandit Clan, she is unaffiliated with any other species-related group, nor a member of any particular society save her partners in crime.



"Born to a noble family, Scarlet was thrust onto destiny’s path by her drunk, unrepentant father. Quite impressively both a wealthy merchant and a terrible gambler, one particularly unlucky night he bought his freedom with his daughter’s life. The victor of that card game was a Dalmatian, whom the village folk called Slantfang. He was no ordinary dog, but King to one of the seven bandit tribes of Armello; the raiders of the Ashen Forest.

On the road back to camp, Slantfang’s convoy came upon an old crone. Spotting Scarlet in shackles by Slantfang’s side, she prophesied that the child would be his undoing, one day rising above all odds to rule all. Slantfang, rich with arrogance, knocked the crone to the ground, leaving her by the side of the road as the convoy moved on, an incredulous, raucous laughter leaving with it.

Ripped from high society into the company of murderous forest ruffians, Scarlet was to become one of them. Now in Slantfang’s pack, she was thrust mercilessly into danger, death and a countless number of dishonorable deeds.

Life within the pack was never easy. Every time she found herself in the mud at the backhand of some hotheaded bandit battlemaiden, kicked out of the dinner line, or catching Slantfang’s seedy gaze, she would remember that old crone’s words… “above all to rule all.”

She learnt fast and soon found herself at home awaiting caravans, weapon at the ready. Naturally, her favorite targets were unscrupulous merchants and the fineries and jewelry she plundered from their caravans. By the time she had barely entered adulthood, Scarlet’s raids were a thing of legend and her usefulness and enthusiasm saw her flourish among the miscreants.

Then it happened, word came back from one of Scarlet’s raid parties that she had fallen in battle, her body taken by the King’s Guard as bounty. A hush fell over the camp that night.

Years and countless raids passed and before too long Scarlet was merely another lost champion recounted in fireside stories.

As time passes, change comes, and life for the Bandits was in flux. Animals whispered in hushed tones of a new Bandit King uniting the tribes under a single banner. If travelers' tales were to be believed, three of the seven tribes had already sworn allegiance to this new king. Slantfang became uneasy and erratic as the legends quickly turned to rumors and the rumors became reports. He fortified his camp and bolstered defenses as news of this new king marched upon him. Who was this new Bandit King and what powers of trickery and malice did he possess in order to accomplish what no king of bandits had before him?

It was that night, in his very own tent no less, that Slantfang felt the distinct sensation of a blade pressed against his back. From behind him the blade’s owner spoke. A voice soft, yet strong and devastatingly familiar, recounted her journey to unite the six tribes before his. She informed him that the tent was now hers, that the animals of his pack had already pledged their allegiance and he would be lead him to the borders of the Ashen Forest, never to be seen again. The time for merciless old dogs had come to an end. “Soon,” she said, “our bandit brothers and sisters will find a place within this Kingdom, free from the need to pillage and plunder. All this and more, when I march upon the Royal Palace and the last King, the King of Armello, falls to our cause.”

And by her side, just out of Slantfang’s view, an old crone with glinting eyes watched on."




Scarlet has well-rounded stats, allowing her to pursue whatever path to victory happens to open up to her. Her starting Gold lets her be flexible with Equipment too.

Hero Ability[]


Scarlet's unique hero ability is the Revolutionary: Whenever she rescues a terrorized settlement, she automatically draws from the Follower card deck.

This can be hit-or-miss; Banes terrorize settlements many times in a game, and you should try to save them. You do need to be in the right place and be able to take on the Bane, though. If you can get the Prestige lead, "Civil Uprising" and "Martial Law" are great for you, causing settlements in the Kingdom to become terrorized, often resulting in you getting at least one Follower. In addition, if a hero has the Ruin Amulet, you may want to follow them! If Scarlet is in the right places at the right time, all three of those Follower slots can easily be filled!

That said, her ability is situational, and she has a wide variety of ways to win, so take what you're given rather than over-focusing on it.


Bandit Clan rings grant its heroes benefits from all four clans. Heroes are given a bonus on Mountains from the Wolf Clan, card Burning benefits from the Bear Clan, complimentary gold from the Rabbit Clan, and Settlement Stealth from the Rat Clan.

Name Effect Unlock
Serendibite Ring Serendibite Gain +1 Prestige and +1 Gold for each King's Guard killed.

Note: You still lose 1 Prestige for killing a King's Guard, this ring simply negates losing Prestige from it.

Unlocked by default

Note: You need to purchase the Bandit Clan DLC to play as a Bandit Clan Hero.
Black Opal Black Opal Gain Stealth and +1 Sword in Settlements, Day and Night. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Scarlet
Pink Topaz Pink Topaz Doubles income gained from Settlements. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Twiss
Amethyst Amethyst +1 Magic for every Spell Card Burned, +2 for each Rot Spell Card Burned. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Horace
Celestite Celestite Ignore Mountain movement penalty. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Sylas


  • Greetings: Well hello.
  • Farewell: Goodbye. For Armello!
  • Oops!: Well. That was unintened.
  • Bad Luck: Bad luck, friend.
  • Thanks: Why thank you.
  • Sorry: Sorry.
  • Mercy: You're not our enemy! But don't get in our way.
  • Well Played: Nice one, friend.
  • Laugh: Hahaha!
  • Go for X: Now! Attack X.
  • Truce X: X, join the cause!
  • Threaten X: You're dead meat X.
  • Curse: Foulness! Dammit!
  • Ouch!: Eeek! Ouch!
  • Go for Self: You can't stand against revolution. Just try!
  • Truce Self: Armello stands with me. I need no-one else!
  • Threaten Self: Don't stop Scarlet. For freedom. For Armello!
  • Wow: What?! That was incredible!
  • Boast: Kneel before the true King of Armello.


  • It is not recommended to equip the Amulet Ruin on Scarlet, as her Hero Ability is trumped by it.


  • Before her name was officially revealed, Scarlet was known by the tentative name Fox Rogue.
  • Scarlet shares the same starting Stat points with River.


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