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the Death Teller
Rat Clan Rat Clan
Gold 6

"The horror who trades in secrets from beyond the veil."

In-Game Story[]

"Sargon, the Veil Walker, is cursed. The grim faced and aged rat devoted his life to the study of the veil, the strange ether that hangs between the void of life and death. His research lasted decades, and his form withered as he forsook the open fields for the darkness of a cave. His constant gaze into the ethereal abyss forever changed his mind. Now, Sargon sees both his world, and the world of the veil. The death of all creatures, and their lives, are revealed to him in vivid waking dreams.

Sargon adores this curse. His study in the more abominable of the arcane arts were a deliberate attempt to draw the ire of strange forces, and corrupt his mind to better understand them. Sargon is this only Armellian with an understanding of the strange ways of the veil, and after decades of bringing his wicked and contradiction laden advice to the fickle rulers of Armello, he now brings his dark expertise to the race for the throne.

Armed with his strange and unique magic, a flair for the dramatic, and a healthy dose of menace, Sargon is a ruler who has touched the beyond. Who dares to risk their lives standing against the alien secrets of the veil walker?"


Hero Power[]

Veil Gazer: The top card of each Deck is face up during card draw.


Rat Clan rings grant its heroes benefits on claimed Settlement tiles, or aid them in combat.

Name Effect Unlock
Black Opal Black Opal Gain Stealth in Settlements, Day and Night. Default
Obsidian Obsidian At Night gain Scout on all your claimed Settlements. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Mercurio
Ruby Ruby First rolled Sword in Battle Explodes. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Zosha
Turquoise Turquoise Gain Evade and +2 Explode Pool. Win 5 games for the Rat Clan
Tanzanite Tanzanite +1 Gold when you escape a Peril. The Usurpers DLC
Cats Eye Ring Cat's Eye Get a 1 Gold discount on the first Trickery Card played each turn. The Rivals DLC


  • Greetings: Greetings... friends.
  • Farewell: We'll meet again. Beyond the veil.
  • Oops!: Fate is fluid. This is but a minor setback
  • Bad Luck: Ill fortune
  • Thanks: How sweet of you.
  • Sorry: It was written. You could not have escaped it.
  • Mercy: You wouldn't hurt an old Rat would you?
  • Well Played: Even I could have done better.
  • Laugh: Hehe...
  • Go for X: X? Seal their fate.
  • Truce X: X, we would make wonderful friends.
  • Threaten X: This doesn't end well for you, X.
  • Curse: Fates take you all!
  • Ouch!: Gaaaarh!
  • Go for Self: I am the grey tide. I defy you to stop my rise
  • Truce Self: I've been alone longer than any have lived.
  • Threaten Self: This time. Next time. My rise is inevitable.
  • Wow: Still glorious, even when you know it's coming.
  • Boast: From the Palace I will rule fate itself.


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