“She hears not this talk of prophecy swirling around her. She occupies the now, consuming every moment to its fullest. She will go where her heart leads.”


Forest Sister
Bear Clan Bear Clan
Diurnal (Day)
Gold 3

Sana (Forest Sister) is a playable Hero and member of the Bear Clan. She was one of the four original characters of Armello, and is available to all players without DLC. A dutiful Druid, she serves the will of the Wyld itself and seeks to bring peace to an imbalanced world.


Sana Model

Sana is a brown bear shaman and sorceress clad in a simple green cloak clasped with a medallion bearing the symbol of the Wyld Tree, and carries a gnarled staff tethered with a Spirit Stone. According to some, she was raised by Druids who foretold that she would have a great destiny as the bringer of balance to a land corrupted by the Rot.

In truth, Sana is humble, kind, and fully committed to her service to nature, forsaking all material or worldly goods in her quest to bring peace to the kingdom and its environment. The change she wishes to bring may already be exemplified by the harmony in her own heart.[1]

She is the main character of the Armello novella/audio book The Forest Sister.[2]


Sana has very high Spirit coupled with high Health and average Wits, but has a very low Fight stat. As a diurnal Hero, she is strongest during the day, and weaker at night.

Hero Ability Edit


Sana's unique hero ability is Priestess: Whenever Sana fights a Corrupted creature, she uses her Spirit stat in place of Fight.

While Sana's low Fight stat leaves her vulnerable to normal heroes and King's Guards, the ability to use her higher Spirit stat against corrupted foes gives her much better odds against corrupted heroes, Banes, and the King.


Bear Clan rings grant its heroes benefits while on Forest or Stone circle tiles, or additional bonuses for playing Spell cards.

Name Effect Unlock
Jade Jade Gain +3 Magic if you're in a Forest at Dawn. Default
BearRing1 Quartz -1 Rot if you're in a Stone Circle at Dawn. After 2 games
Amethyst Amethyst Gain +1 Magic for every Spell card burned,

Gain +2 Rot for every Rot Spell card burned.

After 5 games
BearRing4 Amber Burning Sun and Moon Cards in Battle is always considered a Hit. After 10 games


  • her name is an Arabic word for light, radiance or resplendence.



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