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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sword
Cost 2 Gold
Peril Rating Shield, Moon, Sun
Artwork Arden Beckwith



Dice will not Explode, until end of next turn.


"Yes, quite the tragedy. They say the wheels just fell off! The cartwright's to be hung at noon." - Eye Witness Account


If you have lots of Gold and/or a landowner bonus, feel free to throw this on a random opponent to slightly hinder them, or put a Peril on a settlement of yours to try to dissuade a rival from taking it. It's worth a flier right before a key battle, but it isn't guaranteed to do much. It could be played to an opponent that's about to face the King to reduce their chances of winning slightly, too.

Saboteur really doesn't do a whole lot, overall - if you see this peril on the board, it's a great opportunity to burn cards. It can slightly weaken you in combat and perils, but it doesn't reliably do so. It certainly isn't worth 2 Gold to play on an opponent for anyone who cares about Gold, and so should be burned.