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Royal Pardon
To Be Added
Treasure Card Treasure Card
Symbol Shield
Cost 0
Peril Rating -
Artwork Simon Boxer



Removes Bounty and gives Immunity.


"Only ever one Royal Pardon active at any given time, but it's killin' season once I find it!" - The Butcher


When equipped, any Bounty is removed, and you cannot get a Bounty for any reason while this is equipped. (You still lose Prestige for killing King's Guards.)


Tends to struggle to justify an equipment slot most of the time - you could instead be equipping a defensive item that makes King's Guards safe to fight, for example. It can situationally be decent when found as a free Reprieve provided you have a free item slot or an item you're looking to replace anyway, and Barnaby can get some use out of it by equipping and unequipping it as necessary (though this still takes up a hand slot).