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This page refers to the character statistic. For what is known about the disease itself, see Rot (disease).

Rot is a stat that determines the level of a character's descent into madness as a result of contracting the Rot disease. In terms of gameplay, this stat has the potential to dramatically affect combat outcomes. It can also affect Victory Conditions.

Combat significance[]

If one Hero or NPC has a higher Rot stat than another hero or NPC, then the character with the higher Rot stat will gain bonus dice equal to the Rot stat of the character with the smaller amount of Rot. If one of the combatants has not contracted any Rot, then the combatant that has a nonzero Rot stat will not gain any bonus dice. Furthermore, Dragon Clan Heroes, if their opponent has a higher Rot stat than them, takes away up to 2 of the opponent's bonus Rot dice.

If both combatants have an equal Rot stat, then neither of them receive bonus dice.

Stages of Rot[]


When a hero has a Rot stat of 1-4, they are considered "Infected". Arguably, Corruption has more benefits, but Infection still has a few notable effects:

  • Infected heroes suffer -1 damage every Dawn.
  • Infected heroes have a chance at triggering "Whiteshadow's Gift", a random quest event that rarely happens when a hero enters a Forest with at least 1 point of Rot.
  • Unlike Corrupted heroes, Infected heroes can access Stone Circles without taking damage.
  • Dragon Clan Heroes, due to their unique Rot Affinity, do not take 1 damage every Dawn.
  • If a Hero with any Rot claims a fourth Spirit Stone and becomes a Spirit Walker, they will take damage equal to their Rot and be cleansed of their Rot
    • If a Spirit Walker would gain Rot, they instead take damage equal to the Rot gained.



Once a hero has reached a Rot stat of 5 or higher, they are considered "Corrupted" by its influence. This has many effects:

  • Corrupted characters take damage equal to their Rot (usually killing them) if they enter a Stone Circle or another tile with Stone Wards (for any reason). As a result, quests will not direct Corrupted Heroes to Stone Circles.
  • Like Banes, Corrupted characters gain one (1) Health for every character they kill in combat.
  • Corrupted characters gain one (1) Rot for every Bane they kill in combat.
  • Banes are neutral to Corrupted Heroes - they will not attack them, but will still fight back if attacked.
  • Corrupted characters’ Rot dice hit and explode (granting a bonus roll), while their Wylds will miss and not explode.
  • Corrupted heroes have a chance at triggering "Whiteshadow's Gift", a random quest event that rarely happens when a hero enters a Forest with at least 1 point of Rot.
  • While Spirit Walkers shine with blue light, a plagued purple glow follows Corrupted heroes.
  • Corrupted heroes have black, thorny vines encircling their Hero Portrait.

Ways to Gain Rot[]

Ways to Lose Rot[]