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“The Wolf Clan's most talented ranger, as deadly as she is resourceful. Years she's been out there. Alone. Wild in those mountains. Waiting for that Prestige victory. She won't heel, but she'll fetch better than any hound I know.”


The Howling Arrow
Hero set2 river
Wolf Clan Wolf Clan
Nocturnal (Night)
Gold 3

River (The Howling Arrow) is a playable Hero and member of the Wolf Clan. She is the second Wolf introduced, and one of the first four DLC characters revealed during the Armello Kickstarter campaign.


River is a grey-brown wolf clad in a cuirass of hardened leather, and sports a cloak with a large fur-lined collar clasped with stylized star buckle. Her tail is tightly fastened with brown ties, giving it a braided look. River's weapons are a wooden recurve bow with a quiver of arrows hanging at her side, and a small yet deadly dagger.

In all of River's animations and artwork, her amber eyes are either open and stoic or narrowed with concentration (or disgust). She is often expressionless and mainly remains unreadable, and never smiles.

Wildlands River[]

Wildlands River

The Wildlands River Skin.

When her purchasable hero skin is equipped, River loses her leather cuirass and trades it in for a stylish midriff outfit. Above her collar is a necklace, upon which is strung an opalescent stone surrounded on both sides by copperesque metal. Her bow gains additional flair in a new shade, now pale like the Wolf Clan's wintery territory.

River's fur is decorated with painted blue symbols, and she wears feathers behind her ears.

In-Game Story[]

"Rangers were once the secret weapon of the Wolf Clan. It was a sacred traditional role, given to only the most talented survivalists, who are capable of enduring the harsh winters at Armello's frozen edges. River, ranger through and through, has spent her life in the wilds, and excelled in every element of the deadly Wolven Hunt.

Rangers forsake their lineage upon joining the ranks of the Wolven Hunt. River never knew her mother, father, or sisters. But during her life, she'd notice a certain glint in the eyes of other rangers. Although she never had it confirmed, she felt her family all around her throughout her life. It is for that family that she fights. During the tragic events that lead to the exile of Fang Greymane, most every ranger was massacred. Only River survived the deadly slaughter.

Armed with a bow, a dagger, and a naturally sharp mind, River has spent her life outmaneuvering deadly opponents, and relying solely on herself for guidance. Now, from her unique perspective as an outsider, but sworn defender of the realm, she recognizes the need for a new breed of ruler. One who will not fall into the petty squabbles and cushy failings of the past. One who will stand fast in battle, wise in counsel, and who knows how to survive upon the lonely throne.

Armello needs a Ranger."


Hero Ability[]

River's unique Hero Ability is Huntress: Before initiating in battle, River zaps -1 Health from her opponent with an arrow.

While her stats are all mostly average, her Ability is what makes her a force to be reckoned with.


River's ring selection primarily centers around improving her strength during the night or while on mountain tiles.

Wolf Clan rings grant its heroes benefits on Mountain tiles, or additional Magic or Gold after kills.

Name Effect Unlock
Sapphire Sapphire Gain Stealth on Mountains, Day and Night. Default
Moonstone Moonstone Gain +2 Magic for every Kill in Battle. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Thane
Onyx Onyx Gain +2 Gold for every Kill in Battle. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with River
Celestite Celestite Ignore Mountain movement penalty. Win 5 games for the Wolf Clan
Rubellite Rubellite +3 Fight while you have 3 or less Health. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Magna (Usurpers DLC)
Chrysocolla Chrysocolla Grants Scout on, and +1 Sword in combat against Heroes with 3 Health or less. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Fang (Rivals DLC)


  • Greetings: Hail.
  • Farewell: Moon guide you home.
  • Oops: I didn't mean that.
  • Bad luck: That's no good.
  • Thanks: Thanks.
  • Sorry: Sorry. Truly.
  • Mercy: Keep back, or I'll put one in your knee!
  • Well played: I'm impressed.
  • Laugh: Hah.
  • Go for X: Aim for X.
  • Go for Self: Challenge me. Just don't expect a fair fight.
  • Truce X: "We need not fight X. For now.
  • Truce Self: This ranger roams alone.
  • Threaten X: X, you won't see the arrow coming...
  • Threaten Self: If I don't stop the King, who will?
  • Curse: Oh Wyld, no!
  • Ouch: Grah! Ow!
  • Wow: Grace of the moon!
  • Boast: Me, queen? Well I couldn't be worse than Thane.


  • River the Howling Arrow was first revealed on May 7, 2014 once Brun the Bear Warcaster was unlocked on the Armello Kickstarter campaign. She herself was made available to backers once the $285,000 AUD stretch goal was reached.[1]
  • Her name was believed to be "Skye" if she was in fact the same character mentioned in The Winter Wolf audio book sampler.[2] It has been revealed that her name is River, however, disproving the theory.
  • Many Armello fans feel that River is too OP (overpowered) due to her dangerous Hero Ability, which allows her to take -1 Health from her opponent before initiating in battle. (This includes the King!) Some fans have even gone as far as to suggest that River should be banned from competitive play.[3][4][5] This makes her an extremely controversial character in the Armello universe.
  • River shares the same starting Stat points with Scarlet.
  • When River fires an arrow at the King while he is at 1 health, she does not lose all her Prestige. This is due to the fact that she never initiated in battle, which is necessary to lose all Prestige.
  • In River's Combat/Peril animations, the stylized star buckle upon her chest visible in her official art is not present.
  • River's hero skin (Wildlands River) was the first of the secondary hero skins to be released, and the fifth overall.
  • She's a twin sister of Sky from the novella The Winter Wolf.


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