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Rat Clan

Rat Clan crest

Rose and Thorn
—Rat Clan motto

The Rat Clan is one of the major clans of Armello.


Rat Capital

The Rat capital.

Rat Clan society is mostly built around the pursuit of fortune and precious information. The largest of all Armello's clans, they have made it their business to have eyes and ears in every corner of the kingdom, typically working in mercantile trades or straight-up espionage.[1] Advancement through its ranks is sometimes awarded to those who are cutthroat enough (sometimes literally) to pursue the dream of high living. A secret "Rat Clan Code" language exists that allows its members to discreetly swap information or quickly prove their allegiance. At least one high-profile member known as the Den Mother exists in a seat of authority.They are very skilled with politics,because of this,they govern Armello's more unsavory tasks.

Marmots are at least associated with the Rat Clan.[citation needed]

Rat Capital[]

The Rat Capital is a large cityscape surrounded by a stone rampart that sits within a foggy marshland. A sizable gap between the lower and upper class exists, with shanty towns surrounding towering castle complexes.


Mercurio2 Hero set2 zosha Sargon Griotte
Mercurio Zosha Sargon Griotte


Rat Clan rings grant its heroes benefits on claimed Settlement tiles, or aid them in combat.

Name Effect Unlock
Black Opal Black Opal Gain Stealth in Settlements, Day and Night. Default
Obsidian Obsidian At Night gain Scout on all your claimed Settlements. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Mercurio
Ruby Ruby First rolled Sword in Battle Explodes. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Zosha
Turquoise Turquoise Gain Evade and +2 Explode Pool. Win 5 games for the Rat Clan
Tanzanite Tanzanite +1 Gold when you escape a Peril. The Usurpers DLC
Cats Eye Ring Cat's Eye Get a 1 Gold discount on the first Trickery Card played each turn. The Rivals DLC


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