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Plague Bearers
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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Worm
Cost 1 Prestige
Peril Rating Rot, Moon, Sword
Artwork Ty Carey



-2 Health. If kills target, +1 Rot.


"It is often the damned who prove to be the most useful." - Warlock Usted


This card is generally not a good draw with its Prestige cost to play and its relatively limited targets. If an opponent with 2 or less Health remaining happens to end their turn on a Swamp or Dungeon, you can get this out of your hand while offsetting the Prestige cost and give the unlucky victim a point of Rot to boot (just make sure that's not actually beneficial to them, however).

On the off chance that you yourself are pursuing Rot, are on 2 or less Health, don't care about Prestige, and want to return to your Clan Grounds, you can move to an appropriate tile and kill yourself with this card, gaining Rot in addition to a full heal and return to your Clan Grounds for the low, low price of 2 Prestige.

That said, these are fairly rare situations (most Rot-pursuing Heroes shouldn't be drawing Trickery Cards), and you should generally be looking for an opportunity to burn this card.