In Armello, the term "Peril" can refer to: the Peril rating of a card, encountering a Peril on the board, or one of the four Palace Perils.

Encountering a PerilEdit

Not unlike combat, when you encounter a Peril, a screen will appear before you for card burning and dice rolling. During a Peril, however, in lieu of an opponent, you are shown a symbol or a set of symbols which must be matched in order for you to succeed over that Peril. This matching must be achieved either by rolling the correct symbols, or by augmenting a roll by burning a card to ensure its corresponding symbol is matched. As can be inferred, the more symbols a Peril requires, the harder it will be to overcome.

Board PerilsEdit

Armello peril-on-board

A Peril on a forest tile

A game of Armello begins with some tiles already populated with Perils which you can face by moving your Hero onto that tile. 

Additional Perils can be added to the board by a player electing to play a Spell or Trickery card onto the board instead of directly onto an opponent.

Palace PerilsEdit

Armello palace-perils

The King in his palace, surrounded by the four Palace Peril tiles.

The Palace Garden tiles surrounding the King's Palace house what are known as the Great Perils, or the Palace Perils. Once a hero is navigated onto any of these (North, East, South, or West) tiles, they must face the corresponding Peril (Fight, Spirit, Body, or Wits)[confirmed?]. The number of dice available to throw is limited by the value of the stat the Palace Peril is challenging. For example, a Hero entering through the Northern garden with a Fight stat of 5 would have 5 dice to roll, which is the minimum number required to successfully clear the Peril. The Palace Perils are deliberately the most difficult Peril, requiring that 4 to 6 symbols be matched in order to proceed into the Palace.

To avoid accidental entry into the Palace Gardens, heroes are given a menu option to enter or remain outside.

Should a Hero fail a Palace Peril, they will take a number of wounds equal to the number of unmatched symbols and be pushed back to the hex they approached the Palace Gardens from. War Mode will be activated across the board after the first hero attempts to breach the Palace Gardens, whether the attempt is successful or not. Unlike other perils, Palace Perils will persist until cleared.