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Patronage & Industry
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Shield
Cost 3 Gold
Peril Rating -
Artwork Arden Beckwith

Patronage & Industry is a Trickery Card. It is drawn from the Trickery Deck and may be played to any settlement which is not in a terrorised state — regardless of which hero character (if any) has claimed it, any creature currently occupying it, any active Merchant calls or availability, and can happily co-exist with other Settlement-enhancing statuses such as Stone Wards, Palisade Walls or Elyssia’s Fortifications. When burned in combat, it produces a Shield die.



Settlement produces +1 Gold and +1 Prestige each Dawn, until Terrorised.


“What are we if not for industry and civility? Let us be all we can be.” ~ Viscount Waylend


Patronage & Industry boosts the value of a settlement significantly when played. If played right before Dawn, it refunds 1 Gold of its cost plus a point of Prestige, making it at worst an expensive Bubble Tea in that scenario.

Claiming a settlement from another Hero (including with the Emissary) will not change its P&I status, which has the potential to turn them into a significantly attractive and contested location on the board. Ideally, you should play it to a settlement close to your Clan Grounds, so that you'll have a leg up in having it, but even so, it rarely stays in the same Hero's hands the whole game, even with Stone Wards or Palisade Walls.

Each dawn, the King’s health is reduced before income from Settlements is applied — including income that is enhanced with P&I. Therefore, this card will not be a deciding factor for a Prestige Victory race as the King dies on the very last dawn. Put another way: the latest this card can be played to have any benefit to the owner of the Settlement in question is the night when the King has at least two health, and can be safely burned (or inconsequentially stolen by another Hero) should it be encountered during that final day-night cycle.