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Palisade Walls
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Shield
Cost 2 Gold
Peril Rating -
Artwork Jerome Jacinto



Settlement is Fortified until Terrorised, or until owner changes.


"Heave! ... Heave! ... Heave!" - Townsfolk


A Fortified tile gives +1 Shield to defenders on it, and makes the tile cost 2 AP to enter (just like a Mountain).


There are three ways to use this card:

  • To defend yourself for the turn if you are on a settlement
  • To try to hold a settlement for a while
  • To slow down your opponents

Played to a settlement you are currently on, Palisade Walls gives you a Shield in battle against anybody who attacks you, and the AP penalty may deter would-be attacks from your rivals, particularly if they happen to be 3 AP away.

If you wish to try to hold a settlement for a while, play this to an out-of-the-way settlement you own. Opponents will usually not want to spend 2 AP to go out of their way for a settlement. Even so, they may have a Quest on that tile and go there anyway. It's fairly hard for this card to turn a profit unless you try to use your landowner bonus from holding the settlement aggressively, however.

If you wish to try to slow down your opponents, play this to a settlement near the Palace. You don't even need to own the settlement, as long as you're sure a rival will want to go there before you.

Elyssia is unaffected by this movement penalty.