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Moon Scythe
To Be Added
Item Card Item Card
Symbol Moon
Cost 0 Gold
Peril Rating 0
Artwork Ty Carey

Moon Scythe is a Treasure Card. It is found through gameplay and must be equipped to take effect. When burned in Combat or Perils, it always produces a Moon die.



In Battle and Perils, Moons Explode at Night.


Under night's watch, the harvest reaps. Under night's watch, the Wyld keeps.



Moon Scythe is a difficult card to come across, as it is only available to those who encounter "The Ancients", a random event that happens very rarely when on Stone Circles at night. Of the three options available ("Stone", "Salvation", and "Scythe"), the Moon Scythe is acquired when Scythe is chosen.


  • Moon Scythe is very similar to the Raven's Beak Dagger, because that treasure is also only available through a random event (The Goblin's Game). This may be why the two cards are placed together in the Card Gallery.
  • In this card's artwork, an arch of a Stone Circle is visible in the background, signifying the Moon Scythe's connections with the Druids and how it is found.
  • Moon Scythe is one of three cards only obtainable through random events, the other two being: Raven's Beak Dagger and Apothecary.
  • Currently, there is no direct opposite to this card (no equippable items cause Suns to explode during the day). The closest opposite to Moon Scythe is the Spell card Aflame, which causes Suns to explode in exchange for -2 Health, until target's next turn. (However, Aflame is only temporary, and Suns explode during both the day and night.)


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