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Malice Rising
To Be Added
Spell Card Spell Card
Symbol Worm
Cost Gain 1 Rot
Peril Rating 0
Artwork Richard Lyons



Summon Bane.


"In the darkness it festers: a beast of loathsome terror, awakened by hate and anguish." - The Obsidian Report


The summoned Bane will have identical stats and behavior to any other that would spawn from a Dungeon at that point in the game, to include gains from current or past King’s Declarations — or immediately fleeing an adjacent Spirit Walker.

Choosing a Settlement as the target tile is considered equivalent to said Bane moving into that Settlement of its own accord, instantly applying a terrorised state (unless protected by Stone Wards, which will instead annihilate the hapless creature).

Summoning a Bane directly into either Stone Circles or Stone-Warded Settlements does not count as a kill for the purposes of Prestige gains.

Like all cards that must be played to empty tiles this can be used to informally confirm (but not reveal) a stealthed Hero’s presence on the tile in question, since the attempted card play will be cancelled and the Hero briefly displayed to the player.