Armello Wiki

Magic is a consumable resource determined by your level of Spirit. Magic points are set equal to your Spirit every dusk. Many Spell Cards cost Magic to use, making it a major part of playing Armello.

Using up your Magic points prior to dusk is very important - if dusk hits and you have 10 Magic, you won't have any more Magic after the balance than if you had 0 Magic!

Ways to Gain Magic[]

  • Magic can be gained at Dusk when it is balanced to your Spirit.
  • Up to +6 Magic can be obtained via dungeon exploration.
  • The Bear Clan Rings Jade and Amethyst make Magic easier to obtain, Jade allowing players to obtain +3 Magic if in a Forest at dawn, and Amethyst gifting +1 Magic per Spell Card burned.
    • Similarly, the Wolf Clan Ring Moonstone grants +2 Magic for any kill in battle.

Ways to Lose Magic[]

  • If you have Magic above your Spirit level, the dusk balancing will remove the extra points.
  • Have Witch Hunters be played on you, or encounter and fail it as a Peril.
  • Almost all Spell Cards cost Magic, Rot Cards excluded, therefore Magic will be lost when they are used.
  • Sometimes failing Quests steals Magic.