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“Armello's once brilliant ruler. Darkness now twists his mind as the Rot pulls him closer to death. A wiser animal has never walked these lands, but tragically, Armello has known no tyranny stronger than that of his paw. Our brightest light must shine its last.”

King of Armello
King of Armello
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The King of Armello is the kingdom's condemned ruler. The lion has contracted the Rot, and because of this each of the Great Clans has summoned their heroes to claim the throne by any means necessary.


The King is a large, golden lion with a huge brown mane and a cream-colored muzzle, hands, and toes. His body is designed in the patterns of rot, striped all over with corrupting purple streaks. Even his eyes bear the rot's effects, glowing a poisonous violet like that of Banes. He wears armor, shin guards, wristbands, and a necklace emblazoned with his own image, all bright gold and magnificent. His back is clad in a extravagant royal cloak, attached by a large button on his chest in some pictures. The King carries in his hand the Pride's Edge, a sword which he always keeps by his side. The Crown of Armello sits upon his head.

The King maintains a static Fight and Body stats of 8. He takes 1 damage every dawn, like any Infected character, and one point of Rot every dusk--making it easier to take the throne by force the deeper the game goes. Every dawn, the player with the most prestige (who by that mechanic is the king's advisor) will persuade the king to pass a law that has consequences on the world at large and will hinder the other heroes.


All but the Prestige victories revolve around getting into the palace and directly confronting the king. Losing on this confrontation as well as terminating the king results in an immediate loss, as the assaulting party's prestige score is reduced to 0 (barring Prestige from equipment, Amulets, or Rings), so the game ends with a prestige victory for what will likely be another player.

The palace can be entered at any time, but a difficult peril must be completed to stay in the tile (regardless of king's guard being stationed at the tile). Any player that enters (or attempts to enter) loses all of their action points for the turn and gains a bounty. However this does not end the turn. Cards that add an additional action, such as Hot Rot Wine, can be exploited to allow an immediate action after entering the palace grounds (or allow a player another attempt).

A Spirit Stone victory can result in a one turn victory condition, or Heroes such as River can exploit this by entering the palace when the king is at 1 health and then using her passive ability resulting in an easy King Slayer condition.

The king carries three equipment cards, his Crown, Sword, and Armor. His crown is pretty to look at (a Lionheart Breastplate without a shield bonus). His armor allows his wyld dice to count as a shield instead of being discarded (see combat). His sword is what makes him so deadly. For every missed die his opponent rolls, he steals and rolls it again for himself. It's better to use cards in order to roll as few dice as possible.

Voice Lines[]

  • ”I made this kingdom. I’ll break it.” (Intro)
  • ”So betrayal it is, then. The throne shall stay mine.” (Intro)
  • ”Assassins coming for my throne?” (Intro)
  • ”Hahaha, good luck, heroes.” (Intro)
  • ”Pitiful.” (Hero perishes to King’s peril)
  • ”You dare to usurp me?” (Hero perishes to King’s peril)
  • ”Bend the knee.” (Hero perishes to King’s peril)
  • ”I am king.” (Hero perishes to King’s peril)
  • ”Fear the night.” (Dusk)
  • ”The rot, I feel its call” (Dusk)
  • ”Embrace darkness, heroes.” (Dusk)
  • ”What shall come this eve?” (Dusk)
  • ”It’s over, hero.” (Showdown)
  • ”You shall taste Pride’s Edge.” (Showdown)
  • ”I’ll take your head.” (Showdown)
  • ”A challenger? Hahaha.” (Showdown)
  • ”The Wyld will never thrive... aaah!” (When cleaned by Spirit Stones)
  • ”What sorcery is this?... aaah!” (When cleaned by Spirit Stones)


  • No Items, Spells, and Trickery Cards can be played on the King, as this would cause the game to end very easily.
  • It is revealed in the Prologue of Armello (and further explored in his Novella) that it was the King who united the four Clans.
  • As of v1.2.1, it is possible that the King and The Stranger have a bitter backstory. When a Hero enters the Palace gardens, the King orders The Stranger to "Begone, you foul creature". The Stranger, astounded, replies, "What!? That's no way to greet an old friend!" before slinking from beneath his gaze.
  • In the Armello Novella The King, the King of Armello's real name is Tau (even though it wasn't his birth name).
  • He was exiled from his homeland by his brother Isoba.


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