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After the second Dawn the King of Armello will give the Prestige leader two choices of King's Declaration which will affect the gameplay.

Dawn of day 2[]

Name Description Notes
Royal Challenge The Prestige Leader gets +4 Gold in exchange for a Bounty on their head.
Royal Stimulus Until next Dawn, The King will pay for any turn ended early, at a rate of 2 Gold per remaining Action Point. Stacks with "Coin Master".
Cursed Kingdom The King has played Cursed Lands across all normal Perils in the Kingdom, increasing their difficulty. "Normal Perils" means all non-Palace Perils.
Rot Inspection The King's Inquisitors hold inspections across the Kingdom. Any Hero with Rot suffers -1 Prestige.
Tax Time The King decrees that Taxes are Due! Everyone Pay the King 2 Gold. Can't pay? -1 Prestige.
Tribute of Spirit The King siphons 2 Magic from all Heroes. Don't have it? -1 Prestige.
Paws of Fate The King's madness is apparent! All Heroes swap their Hand of cards with another random Hero.

Dawn of day 3[]

Name Description Notes
Private Security Plays Mercenaries on all settlements without other perils. Note: this can play Mercenaries directly on Heroes currently on settlements.
Fugitives Unleashed The King releases all prisoners of the Crown! New King's Trickery Perils appear across the Kingdom.
The Underdog The King decrees he's backing the Underdog. The Hero with the lowest Prestige gets a Treasure!
Fog of War The King has raised an eerie fog. All Heroes gain Stealth until the next Dawn or until they're spotted. Note: Spotted heroes regain Stealth once they move or Dusk hits.
King's Bounties The King decides to crack down on crime. Any Hero who gains a Bounty until next Dawn starts as a Fugitive.
Rot Rain All Heroes and King's Guards take 2 Damage next Dusk unless in a Settlement, the Palace, or Clan Grounds.

Dawn of day 4[]

Name Description Notes
Royal Acquisition Steals one randomly equipped item from each hero. If a hero has no equipped items, -2 Prestige.
Royal Inquisition The King's Inquisitors are summoned. -1 Health to all Infected Heroes. -3 Health to all Corrupted Heroes.
Total Famine The King's food reserves have begun to spoil. -2 Gold to all Heroes. If they can't pay, -2 Health.
Martial Law The King orders his guard to march to their nearest Settlement and Terrorise them.
For Royal Eyes Only Dungeons and Stone Circles are now restricted. A Bounty to any who enter these tiles before the next Dawn! This immediately applies a Bounty to any Hero currently on a Stone Circle or Dungeon.
King's Agents Plays Agent of Misfortune to all existing normal perils.
Highway Fees The King is imposing highway fees! Until next Dawn, pay 2 Gold to enter any settlement. A flavored text will play if the hero attempts to enter the settlement with less than 2 gold.

Dawn of day 5[]

Name Description Notes
Black Death The King sends agents to spread the plague amongst Armello's Settlements. Note: this can play Plague directly on Heroes currently on settlements.
Beasts of Bane The King has opened a portal to the Underworm! 3 Banes will appear tonight.
Sinister Rituals The King is performing sinister rituals! Banes get +2 Fight and +2 Body. This only affects Banes that currently exist. It doesn't affect Banes that appear later.
Green-Eyed Monsters For every 3 gold a Hero has, -1 Prestige and +1 Gold.
Dark Storms The King plays 4 Lightning Strike perils to random tiles.
Blood Moon Every Hero gets +1 Rot!

Dawn of day 6[]

Name Description Notes
Healthcare The King has graciously poisoned each Hero until the end of their next turn. Pay 4 Gold for the antidote! Note - you cannot opt to be poisoned if you have 4 Gold, and even if you have Poison Taster you will pay if you can. This event takes 4 Gold from you, or tries to poison you if you can't afford the 4 Gold.
Royal Flush The King has decided things aren't interesting enough. Each Hero discards their hand!
Ripped Reality The King's descent to meddles with the balance of the Wyld. Portals appear on Stone Circles across the Kingdom. This can play Banish directly on Heroes and King's Guards currently on Stone Circles.
War March The King declares all Heroes enemies of the realm and issues Bounties on all Heroes' heads.
Sovereign City State An unclaimed Settlement builds city walls defended by Mercenaries and Agents of Misfortune. The fortifying effect is similar to Elyssia's skill.
Supreme Court The King's Court is exposing every Hero's dirty secrets. All Heroes suffer -3 Prestige.
Civil Uprising The King's agents spread dissent! All Settlements across the Kingdom become Terrorised.

Dawn of day 7[]

Name Description Notes
Treasury Visit The prestige leader gives up all of their Gold. If they had 5 Gold or more, they gain 1 Prestige, if not they lose 1 Prestige.
King’s Mercy The King orders the prestige leader to pass around their renown, giving every other Hero 1 Prestige.
Palace Lockdown The King places a Bounty on the prestige leader's head and recalls all idle King's Guards back to the palace, giving them "Defending Palace" status.
Terror Awakened All Banes gain +1 Fight and +1 AP for the rest of the game.
Night Maneuvers King's Guards move the following Dusk. This is like any other King's Guard movement, except when it happens. King's Guards move before Banes and are hostile to all heroes.
Burn After Reading The prestige leader discards their cards, reshuffles all decks, and is dealt random cards. -2 prestige.

Dawn of day 8[]

Name Description Notes
Life Support The King and the Prestige Leader gain +1 Health for enacting a mutual blood pact.
Rotten Choir All creatures except the King get -1 Body.
Desperate Defence The King needs more Guards! All remaining Palace Perils are replaced by King's Guards with only 1 Health. Even if there was a King's Guard on the palace tile before the decree, the peril will be removed permanently.
Desertion! All King's Guards with "Defending Palace" status are removed from the game.
Dishonored Defender -3 Prestige to the prestige leader for their poor performance. King's Guards get +2 Fight and Body.
The Toll Bells Sing The King suffers -2 Fight permanently and Lightning Strike hits all creatures in the Palace. Lightning Strike is not played onto the King himself.
War Drums The King declares war upon the Clans! Two new King's Guards are recruited and all Heroes receive Bounties. King's Guards are summoned in the palace, thus this might summon less than 2 guards if there is not enough available space.

Dawn of day 9+[]

Name Description Notes
Dark Liege Summon four Banes to the palace at dawn. Banes that appear in the Palace will leave the Palace for their next move, as Banes will never move into the Palace, as usual.
Dark Army Sacrifice and replace all King's Guards with Banes. Banes that appear in the Palace will leave the Palace for their next move, as Banes will never move into the Palace, as usual.
Dark Curse 4 new perils are placed adjacent to Palace and Cursed Lands are applied to each of them. This might directly play perils on Heroes in these tiles.