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Incite Revolt
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Moon
Cost 3 Gold
Peril Rating -
Artwork Richard Lyons



Terrorise Settlement and eject King's Guard.


"The thing with the mind is, the more minds there are, the more malleable they become." - Krell Isben


This card is quite expensive at 3 Gold, so consider burning it unless you need something it does.

If you do have the money, it can be used as an expensive Bubble Tea by terrorizing a settlement you were going to anyway. It can also be used as an expensive False Orders if a King's Guard is blocking a settlement you need to reach (that comes with a Bubble Tea stapled on).

If you have lots of money and/or settlements and are in a Prestige race, it can be a handy way to sabotage a Patronage & Industry-boosted settlement controlled by your rival that is far away.