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Hot Rot Wine
To Be Added
Item Card Item Card
Symbol Rot
Cost 1 Rot (Gain)
Peril Rating 0
Artwork Simon Boxer

Hot Rot Wine is an Item Card. It is drawn from the Item Deck and is consumed the moment it is used. When burned in combat, it always produces a Worm die.



+1 Action Point and -1 Health.


“Go on! Get it in ya gullet! It's pungent alright, but it'll only sting a bit. Or a LOT! Hahahaha!” ~ Big Boy


Although it is possible to play this at any time to any creature (up to an adjacent radius), this card is one of only two in the entire game (the other being Strategist) that adds a single action point for immediate use during one’s own turn (in contrast to Haste) — allowing a Hero to breach the Castle’s walls and then confront the King in a single turn.

Be mindful that if this tactic is used as a Spirit Walker to immediately cleanse the King, the effective total cost is -2 Health! Be sure you can survive this double-hit to your constitution…