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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sun
Cost 4 Gold
Peril Rating Sun, Moon, Shield
Artwork Melissa King



Unequip all Items.


"Just drop the words "fashion craze" and these foolish heroes journey nude for days." - Polly the Trickster


This card is quite expensive, but can be potentially devastating to its target. The victim will gain all their Equipment to their hand. If they have the Gold, they can just re-equip the items immediately. (That being said, if you're sneaky, you can play this to rival and then immediately attack them to fight them without equipment, even if they have the Gold to re-equip their items).

It's absolutely devastating to Heroes that don't have the Gold to re-equip their items and have items like Battle Armour, Chainmail Shirt, or Heavy Flail, and can force them to either hold those items in their hand while scrounging up the Gold or completely changing their strategy. Heroes that have equipped Treasures are less affected as those do not have an equip cost.

For heroes with items that give Rot, such as Bane Blade, on equip that are actively pursuing Corruption, getting hit by this can be actually good, as they can gain their Rot again by re-equipping the items. If you are pursuing this strategy and have such equipment, consider playing Hoodwinked on yourself!

Burn it if there isn't a use for it that justifies its high Gold cost.