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Hero Screen

Thane (left) on the "Choose Hero" screen, with a question mark placeholder (right) by his side.

A Hero is a playable unit in Armello that can be manipulated and guided by both a human player or AI when necessary.


When the King of Armello became corrupted by the disease called the Rot, the four Great Clans put forth their best members to take the King's place as ruler. These skilled animals were called Heroes as they wandered the land, becoming stronger, wittier and more in tune with the Wyld at every stride. Only the truest of Heroes, or the darkest, will end up with the crown on their head.


As one of the main parts of the game, each player must choose their Hero from the 24 available (counting the Bandit Clan and Dragon Clan ). The game will prompt you to select one from any of the four clans, and based on the stats that character has will affect the entire game from that point onward, as the Hero cannot be changed after the game has started.

Each Hero has a unique Hero Ability that can be used throughout the game. (Abilities cannot be disabled at any time and are always in effect.) These abilities provide special bonuses and options that effect the outcomes of different situations, or they bend the rules to allow actions that a hero otherwise would not be able to preform. For example, Barnaby's Ability causes equipment to be switched out at will, as burning over already equipped items to be refunded to his hand with cost/gain removed.

All Heroes also start the game with a set amount of Gold, automatically determined by their built-in Gold Stat. Also, determined by their Spirit Stat (which can be altered pregame with the Feel Amulet) Heroes always start the game with a set amount of Magic to use before it is balanced at Dusk.


AI (or Artificial Intelligence) will control a Hero's actions when a human player does not. In single player games, AI will be in control of the other three heroes. In multiplayer games, AI can be recruited when there are not enough players to fill all four slots.

Also, if a player leaves or "Disconnects" from the game, their Hero will perish and from that point on their actions will be overseen by AI.

It is worth mentioning that the AI is exactly that- artificial intelligence, a computer. Therefore, it will not play as tactfully or thoughtfully as a human player might, and for this reason it has been criticized. If played against for long periods of time, the patterns of the AI may become familiar to the player, gradually making winning against it easier.

It is important to ignore any pleads from the AI to end its suffering in a normal game. Multiple tests have proven that the AI is emotionally manipulative, and it is simply telling you this to get out of a little bit of work. Lazy bastard.


Eight heroes are available to those who purchase the base game:

Four additional heroes are available with the purchase of the Usurpers expansion:

There are also four other heroes that are available with the purchase of the Bandit Clan expansion:

Another four new heroes are available with the purchase of the Rivals expansion.

As of September 3, 2019 four new heroes are available with the purchase of the Dragon Clan expansion.

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