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“Once atop rabbit nobility, a decorated general with a dangerous dash of senility.”

the Thunder Earl
Rabbit Clan Rabbit Clan
Gold 5

Hargrave (The Thunder Earl) is a playable Hero and member of the Rabbit Clan. He is the fourth introduced member of the clan from The Rivals DLC pack.


Hargrave is a black hare with white cheeks, ears and paws.

He is armed with a staff, with a small cannon at one end and a blade at the other.

In-Game Story[]

"Hargrave Proudclaw was an eccentric figure in the once mighty Proudclaw Clan. A brilliant tactician, dedicated soldier, and devious inventor, his bravery and skill formed much of the basis for his family's meteoric rise to power within the labyrinthine world of Rabbit Clan politics. As he reached the greying age, and settled to rest his feet by the fire throughout his winter years, he was shocked to see his entire family ruined due to the treacherous actions of his young grand-niece, and a young upstart dungeoneer who was far too big for her boots.

Hargrave found himself fallen from grace, tossed into the footnotes of history. Worse still, the added scrutiny upon his house caused the collapse of his final great endeavor, the creation of a series of black powder hand cannons. Hargrave was forced to watch, terrified for the future of the Rabbit Clan without his family's guidance, while the realm fell into chaos.

Children, louts, and unabashed uncultured swine fought for the throne and shed the blood of good and noble houses.

No. He would not have it. This is not the way a Proudclaw dies. From the depths of his dusty workshop, he withdrew his most deadly invention, a black powder cannon, long ago outlawed by the King. Weapon in hand, Hargrave mustered what was left of his might and vitality, and cast his own name into the battle for the throne. Perhaps there are those more suited, more powerful, or luckier. But Hargrave has faced longer odds than before.

Have at it then! A new challenger is here."


Hero Power[]

Cannoneer: After ending his turn on a Plains or Mountain, Hargrave will fire his cannon at ALL creatures entering an adjacent tile.

  • Activates upon moving into the tile in question and will not trigger with Banish, Teleportation, or Bane Spawning at a dungeon.
  • Does not activate upon failing the Welcoming Party peril.
  • Damages for -1 health per applicable tile move.
    • This damage is applied before the target completes their move onto the intended tile
      • Example 1: a Bane with only one remaining health moves to an adjacent settlement. The bane will be killed before that settlement is terrorized.
      • Example 2: a Hero with only one remaining health moves to an adjacent Stone Circle. The hero will be killed before receiving the normal +1 health bonus.


Rabbit Clan rings grant its heroes benefits while on Plains tiles, or provide additional Gold or Prestige.

Name Effect Unlock
Emerald Emerald In Battles and Perils, +2 Shields on Plains. Default
Pink Topaz Pink Topaz Doubles Gold gained from settlements. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Amber.
Diamond Diamond +1 Prestige per Equipped Treasure and Recruited Follower. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Barnaby.
Sunstone Sunstone In Battle and Perils at day, +1 Sun. Win 5 games for the Rabbit Clan.
Rainbow Quartz Ring Rainbow Quartz +1 Magic and +1 Gold every Dawn. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Elyssia (from The Usurper DLC).
Taaffeite Ring Spinel Get a 20% bonus in all Quests. Reach Mastery Level 2 with Hargrave (from The Rivals DLC).


  • Greetings: Fine regards. It's a good sky for it.
  • Farewell: Cheerio.
  • Oops!: A minor miscalculation.
  • Bad Luck: Real misfortune.
  • Thanks: Right sporting of you.
  • Sorry: My deepest condolences
  • Mercy: Spare me! Please!
  • Well Played: A bold and effective strategy.
  • Laugh: Hohohohum.
  • Go for X: Everyone! Rally against X!
  • Truce X: Peace! Peace between us, X.
  • Threaten X: X, I've got lead with you name on it.
  • Curse: Pustulent pestilent pox!
  • Ouch!: Ghak! I'm hit!
  • Go for Self: Please, let me demonstrate your mortality.
  • Truce Self: Friends are just traitors still in hiding.
  • Threaten Self: Once more! Through the breach!
  • Wow: Unbelievable!
  • Boast: I'll see you all court martialed!


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