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“The exiled heir to the Wolf Clan throne. Savage and scorned.”

the Exiled
Wolf Clan Wolf Clan
Nocturnal (Night)
Gold 3

Fang (The Exiled) is a playable Hero and member of the Wolf Clan. He is the fourth introduced member of the clan from The Rivals DLC pack.


Older brother of Thane, Fang is a member of the Wolf Clan, though estranged and exiled due to his affliction with the Rot. He was to be worthy heir to the clans leadership before being banished, thus the leadership fell upon his younger brother.


Hero Ability[]

Fang's special Hero Ability is Berzerker: He will always start with 1 Rot, and when attacking, if Fang Slaughters his opponent (3+ Attack on killing blow), he will howl ferociously, eliminating all rolls the opponent had and ends the Battle before they strike back.

Fang is a very specialised character and comes a number of disadvantages, once overcoming this obstacle, he is incredibly powerful and capable when played well. While his ability will almost always activate against opponents with little health and dismal fighting skills, Fang might end up failing to slaughter heavily armoured or tankier characters.


Wolf Clan rings grant its heroes benefits on Mountain tiles, or additional Magic or Gold after kills.

Name Effect Unlock
Sapphire Sapphire Gain Stealth on Mountains, Day and Night. Default
Moonstone Moonstone Gain +2 Magic for every Kill in Battle. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Thane
Onyx Onyx Gain +2 Gold for every Kill in Battle. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with River
Celestite Celestite Ignore Mountain movement penalty. Win 5 games for the Wolf Clan
Rubellite Rubellite +3 Fight while you have 3 or less Health. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Magna (Usurpers DLC)
Chrysocolla Chrysocolla Grants Scout on, and +1 Sword in combat against Heroes with 3 Health or less. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Fang (Rivals DLC)


Greetings: Hail. Now let’s get this done.

Farewell: So long.

Oops!: No, no! Not like that.

Bad Luck: Shame.

Thanks: I appreciate it.

Sorry: Forgive me.

Mercy: Don’t take me. Not yet.

Well Played: Well. That was impressive.

Laugh: Hah.

Go for… (Other): Bring down (Other).

Go for… (Self): Kill me or get out of my way.

Truce (Other): You need me (Other). For now.

Truce (Self): I will never yield!

Threaten (Other): You’re next, (Other)!

Threaten (Self): My kin abandoned me. You’re not even kin.

Curse: Raaaahhhhhh!

Ouch!: OwwarRRAHH!

Wow!: What? Wow!

Boast: I know what it takes to rule.


  • he killed his father Alpha Thunder because he thought it would contain his rot infection.
  • his name was mentioned on Bloodthirst card before made an appearance as a new hero.
  • he's the only hero starting with 1 rot.


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