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False Orders
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Shield
Cost 1 Gold
Peril Rating -
Artwork Melissa King



Force King's Guard off tile.


"You say these dogs only heed the King's word? Then give them what they want... more or less." - Unknown Convict


A King's Guard that is protecting the Palace can be driven off the Palace with this card.


Can be used to get a King's Guard off a tile you need to get to without fighting the guard and getting a Bounty. When using this card, be adjacent to the guard, to ensure that he doesn't move in a way that's still blocking your way.

While this card can be situationally useful, characters with a strong enough combat ability can usually push King's Guards around without it, and even if you aren't strong in combat, the situation False Orders is used for isn't common enough to justify holding it most of the time. Unless you have a way to use it soon, it should usually be burned for the useful Shield it provided in battle, though a landowning/rich hero can throw it around just to clear hand space it or mess with other heroes, as it is cheap.