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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Shield
Cost 1 Gold
Peril Rating -
Artwork Jerome Jacinto



-1 to Peril Difficulty.


"Sometimes good animals must die, for great animals to thrive." - The Night Mother


Can be played to the Palace Perils.

Will always remove the rightmost difficulty-match symbol (e.g. Rot in the case of the Palace Perils)

If enough copies of this card are played to a Peril to remove all its symbols, it will be removed from the board.


Expendables is cheap enough to play simply to get out of your hand and can be played to a nearby Peril to allow you to more safely burn cards from your hand there, or to weaken a potentially dangerous Peril in your way. It does, however, provide a Shield in battle, giving you some incentive to use it that way as well.

Beware when using Expendables to weaken Palace Perils! Remember it weakens them for your opponents too. It can be a good idea to do so just before you intend to try to breach (be sure to play Expendables right before your turn so you can draw another card, but without telegraphing your intentions to your opponents for too long!) Alternately, if none of your rivals are in a good position to face the King, you can play it preemptively with the idea that they still won't go there. Play it to the closest tile to your Clan Grounds to give yourself an edge in reaching the tile.

If you play it pre-emptively, you can try to play it while you have Stealth, during an important battle you aren't involved with, in the hope that other players don't notice. Observant players will be able to see the animation on the palace tile, and players that Scout the tile later will see what happened, but otherwise, there's no record that the peril has been weakened to them.

Also, note that Expendables removes only the rightmost symbol. Thus it is effectively a counter of Cursed Lands (which adds a Rot symbol to the right of the peril). Furthermore, when you have Leather Armor or the Resist Amulet, don't use Expendables too fast on (non-crossbones) perils. As many perils have their rightmost symbol being a Shield, it would be wiser to use Expendables elsewhere.