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Unidragon purple

Dragon Clan crest

The Dragon Clan is one of the major clans of Armello.



Volodar Agniya Nazar Oxana
Volodar Agniya Nazar Oxana


Dragon Clan rings grant its heroes benefits on claimed Settlement tiles, or aid them in combat.

Name Effect Unlock
SulfurRing Sulfur Negates Swamp Damage. Default
BasaltRing Basalt On Dungeons, gain Stealth and first rolled Sword in Battles is Poisoned. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Volodar.
AxiniteRing Axinite On Creature Kill in combat, gain +1 Die in Battles and Perils until the end of your next Turn. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Agniya.
CinnabarRing Cinnabar On the loss of any Prestige, add a random 1 Magic Cost Spell Card to your Hand. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Oxana.
TremoliteRing Tremolite +1 Rot. Ending your turn next to a creature makes them gain +1 Rot until the end of their next turn. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Nazar.
SerpentineRing Serpentine On Quest completion, -1 Rot. Gain +3 Magic if Rot is deducted this way. Win 5 games for the Dragon Clan.


  • they first appeared on the main menu background before their debut.


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