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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sword
Cost 2 Gold
Peril Rating Sword, Shield
Artwork Jerome Jacinto



-2 Gold. If target can't pay -1 Health and -1 Action Point.


"Oh. You ain't got no gold, ya say? Well, about that promise about not hurtin' ya..." - Cutpurse Quent


If you have a landowner bonus or plenty of Gold, you can just throw this out at an opponent to draw another card. It's particularly good against poor opponents, and -1 Health and -1 AP is arguably more brutal than -2 Gold in most situations, so look to use it that way, especially if it can delay an opponent at a key time.

If you aren't rich/landowning yourself, this card hurts you as much as it hurts your victim to play it, so it's better burned most of the time.