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Cat Burglar
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Moon
Cost 3 Gold
Peril Rating Shield, Moon, Sun
Artwork Simon Boxer

Cat Burglar is a Trickery Card. It is drawn from the Trickery Deck and may be played to a Dungeon or Settlement, or directly on an opposing Hero. When burned in combat, it produces a Moon die.



Steal 1 Equipped Item.


"How's a cat meant to get ahead if you're worried about who owns this and who owns that?" - Thrifty Jack


When you draw this card, figure out which of your opponents gives you the best equipped item, on average, that you can afford. Unless you're rich and/or have landowner bonuses, you want to hit a treasure or at least a cheap item - paying 3 Gold for this and then paying Gold to equip what you stole is quite expensive.

Alternately, if you're rich enough, or desperate enough, you can use this to potentially cripple a strong opponent later in the game, potentially taking away a key piece of their strategy like a Poppet, Royal Shield, or Heavy Plate Armour, even if you don't intend to equip it yourself. Keep in mind that you will need a way to burn the item you steal in this case, or else this will also cost you a draw later, in addition to the Gold.

If there isn't a good option and you aren't rich, don't be afraid to burn this card, as while it can be powerful, it is situational and subject to randomness, and often, you'd rather have the hand space to draw more items, and Gold to equip them, later.


While the above information comes from the early build seen on the livestream, a different version of this card appears on the Armello Kickstarter page with alternate text, as seen below: