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Call of the Worm
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Spell Card Spell Card
Symbol Worm
Cost 1 Rot
Peril Rating Rot, Moon, Sun
Artwork Simon Boxer

Call of the Worm is a Spell Card. It is drawn from the Spell Deck and can be played on an enemy Hero or Dungeon. When burned in Combat or Perils, it always produces a Worm die (unless Shimmer Shield is in effect, in which case it would produce a Shield die instead).

The card depicts a Ring-tailed lemur with ghostly Worms (symbolic of the Rot) curling around it.



All Cards in target's Hand change to Rot Symbols.


Invoke the Bringer of Black and its embrace shall tighten around friend and foe alike.



Call of the Worm is a Unique Spell Card that can be drawn from the Spell Deck. It can also be encountered as an option in Quests[1] when certain Treasures are equipped.

This card can also be stolen from another Hero's hand via Glamour or Wandering Circus.

Behavior & Strategy[]

Call of the Worm does not behave very differently from any other Spell Card. Like most Spell Cards, it must be played on either a Hero target or themselves in order to take the instant effect, or for a more prolonged effect played as a peril on a Dungeon. It preforms its function exactly as it should, with no exceptions blocking the effect or causing it to act otherwise.

While Call of the Worm may work nicely as a little "Gift" to hinder an annoying "clean" Hero (basically allowing them no cards to burn in battle), this Spell actually works much better as a benefit for corrupted (or nearly corrupted) Heroes. By playing Call of the Worm on themselves while corrupted and full of cards, the Hero not only gains an extra point of Rot, they also have plenty of exploding symbols to burn in battle.

(Note: While playing Call of the Worm on yourself while corrupted is a beneficial move, it is not recommended to play this card on another Corrupted player. This will give them a major advantage in battle if they dare attack you, allowing them several guaranteed hits and rolls when they burn their cards.)


  • There is no opposite to Call of the Worm (All Cards in target's hand change to Wyld Symbols).
  • Originally, Call of the Worm was an Instant Spell that could only be played on Heroes. This has been changed, allowing this card to be played as a peril on Dungeons as well as on Heroes.
  • The lemur character was suggested by Armello community member dragoncrescent.


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