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"The wyld fuels this wrecking ball of a bear."

Hero set2 brun
Bear Clan Bear Clan
Diurnal (Day)
Gold 3

Brun (Oakbreaker) is a playable Hero and member of the Bear Clan. He is the second Bear introduced and one of the first four DLC characters revealed during the Armello Kickstarter campaign.


The Bear Warcaster is a large, cantankerous-looking ursine warrior with primarily purple fur adorned with markings that are shaved across his body, showing his scratched pale skin. He sports a loincloth synced with a large skull and carries a staff with spiked stones on either end.


Hero Ability[]


Brun's unique hero ability is Scarcaster: Whenever Brun casts a Spell, he gains +1 Fight until the end of his next fight or his next turn.

Scarcaster can make Brun a formidable opponent after he casts multiple spells, especially if those spells are combat enhancers such as Feral. It also gives him an edge claiming rewards in Fight quests.


Bear Clan rings grant its heroes benefits while on Forest or Stone circle tiles, or additional bonuses for playing Spell cards.

Name Effect Unlock
Jade Jade +3 Magic at Dawn, if in a Forest. Unlocked by default
BearRing1 Quartz -1 Rot if you're in a Stone Circle at Dawn. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Sana
Amethyst Amethyst +1 Magic for every Spell card burned, +2 for every Rot Spell card Burned. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Brun
BearRing4 Amber In Battle, Burning Sun and Moon Cards in Battle is always a Hit, first one Explodes. Win 5 games for the Bear Clan
Aquamarine Ring Aquamarine In Battles and Perils at Night, +1 Moon. The Usurper DLC
Spinel Ring Taaffeite +1 Shield and +1 Spirit in Forests. The Rivals DLC


  • Greetings: Hail, hero.
  • Farewell: Journey well.
  • Oops!: How? Curse it.
  • Bad Luck: The Wyld is fickle.
  • Thanks: My thanks.
  • Sorry: It had to be done.
  • Mercy: Keep back. There's no need for this.
  • Well Played: Wise and well planned.
  • Laugh: Hahahaha!
  • Go for X: Face X.
  • Truce X: X I'd rather not have to crush you.
  • Threaten X: I will break you X!
  • Curse: Raaah! Rot take it all!
  • Ouch!: Ahhh! Ow!
  • Go for Self: Come, break yourself against the Wyld's fury.
  • Truce Self: I need no-one.
  • Threaten Self: Either I break, or they do. I won't be broken.
  • Wow: Skies above!
  • Boast: I'll rule with the Wyld as my guide.



  • The Bear Warcaster was first revealed on May 6, 2014 once the Rabbit Sapper was unlocked on the Armello Kickstarter campaign. He himself was made available to backers once the $265,000 AUD stretch goal was reached.[1]
  • Warcasters are a character archetype seen in fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and are often depicted as mage-warriors who possess a variety of skills both physical and magic-related.
  • his name is an Old French word for brown.


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