Armello Wiki

Bounties can be issued to Heroes when the King of Armello has decided he wants them dead.

A Bounty has 3 levels - Wanted (level 1), Fugitive (level 2), and Traitor (level 3).

A Bounty when gained will usually start at Wanted and level up each Dawn until cleared or once it reaches the highest level of Traitor. The only other way to level up a Bounty is having the Bounty card applied to you, or attacking the King of Armello, which instantly raises you to Traitor level after the combat.

When a hero with a Bounty is killed by another Hero, the killing Hero gets +1 Prestige and +2 Gold per Bounty level of the killed hero (in addition to the usual +1 Prestige for any hero kill):

(If the kill occurred via head-to-head combat, the assailant must survive the battle to claim this bonus.)

King's Guards are hostile towards, and will attack Heroes with Bounties.

  • They will only attack heroes with Wanted status if they happen to be adjacent to them and don't have a Bane or higher-Bounty target to attack.
  • Heroes with Fugitive status will be prioritized over Banes, and King's Guards will move up to 2 spaces to reach them.
  • Heroes with Traitor status will be prioritized above all else, and King's Guards will move up to 3 spaces to reach them.

When a Bounty is issued[]

  • When a hero attacks a King's Guard, regardless of the outcome of the battle
  • When a hero enters the Palace (even if they fail the palace Peril)
  • Certain King's Declarations can issue Bounties
  • The cards Bounty and Armistice can issue Bounties (the latter instantly gives Traitor status)

How to clear a Bounty[]

  • Die, and respawn at your clan grounds with no Bounty. (It can be to your advantage to kill yourself to clear your own Bounty to deny the bonus Prestige and Gold to your rivals!)
  • Have Reprieve played to you
  • Equip Royal Pardon (this also prevents any Bounty from being applied to you as long as it is equipped).