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Blood Money
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sword
Cost 1 Prestige
Peril Rating -
Artwork Adam Duncan



After every Battle, steal 1 Gold per Wound inflicted, until end of next turn.


"Some kill for the gold, some of us see it as a handy bonus." - Rowl Calico


This can only steal as much Gold as the target actually has, so it doesn't affect King's Guards, Banes, or the King, nor Heroes that don't have any Gold.


While this card can potentially get you a windfall (and be devastating for someone you managed to lay a beating on with this active), it's a lot more situational than it seems - you need to find an opponent that you can beat, that has lots of Gold. The Prestige cost bites as well for most heros drawing Trickery Cards. If there's a rich opponent you can beat up, it might be worth saving this card for that situation; if you don't care for Prestige, you can use this to bully weaker characters.

But if you aren't strong enough to want to fight other Heroes, this card should be burned.