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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sword
Cost 3 Gold
Peril Rating 0
Artwork Jerome Jacinto



Pact: Steal 1 Gold from other Pact member every turn.


"Everyone has a dirty secret or three. It's all in the presentation." - Hilgan McCray


This card is quite expensive at 3 Gold, so unless you're getting a landowner discount, it's rare to turn a profit using this card - you'd need to have it active for 3 turns, assuming your victim has Gold (and they'll be incentivized not to).

The main reason to play this card is because you have plenty of Gold to throw around, and want to make it hard for your victim to be able to get enough Gold for good equipment. Otherwise, you should usually burn this card - this usually isn't worth making an enemy for (and the victim will want to kill you!)

If you are the victim of this card, you have 2 ways of removing its effect - kill the player that played it on you, or kill yourself. While it's natural to want revenge, sometimes the latter method is the more practical way to do it! Look for times when you want to get back to your Clan Grounds, and pack a card to kill yourself.