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Biff's Black Market
To Be Added
Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sun
Cost 4 Gold
Peril Rating -
Artwork Adam Duncan



Next Dawn/Dusk a Merchant arrives with a choice of two Treasures.


"No haggle. No barter! This Treasure? Rab here, he got troll claw in neck when get. Tell Rab you want cheap." -Biff Boggens


This card is quite expensive at 4 Gold, but has a potentially lucrative payout of a Treasure card... if you can get it. If you have plenty of Gold and are looking for a way to translate that into an advantage, Biff's Black Market is a great play; if you're strapped for Gold, there are more reliable ways to get equipped, such as Battle Armour or Chainmail Shirt.

Play it to a settlement that you plan to visit next turn, as close to Dawn/Dusk as you can muster, and away from rivals, especially those that are ahead of you in the turn order. This card is more reliable in the hands of players early in the turn order than late, as they do not need to contend with rivals having a turn knowing that Biff's Black Market is available on a tile. If you are standing on the tile where Biff's Black Market has been played off-turn, expect nearby rivals to strongly consider attacking you, and be equipped appropriately.

In a pinch, Biff's Black Market can be used as an expensive way to dissuade a powerful rival from attacking you by luring them toward the treasure instead, and possibly even curry favor with them - especially good if you can do this while also getting a treasure yourself.

If another player plays Biff's Black Market, consider if you have ways to disrupt them or get a Treasure yourself, such as with Teleport or an old-fashioned brawl.